Casablanca morocco is the first city in terms of population in Morocco: according to the latest data, more than three million people live here. It is very favorably located and has a convenient harbor for ships of various types, the largest airport in the country, and good rail and road connections.

Morocco is a Muslim kingdom located in the north of the African continent. The indigenous population calls the state “the country of the farthest West.” Very often the word “Maghrib” sounds on the streets of cities – this is another name for this exotic state.

casablanca meaning: Casablanca,Morocco Arabic Al-Dār al-Bayḍaʾ, or Dar al-Beida, the principal port of Morocco, on the North African Atlantic seaboard.

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Casablanca,Morocco the “city of white houses”, is the largest city in Morocco, surpassing even the capital city of Rabat in terms of population. Casablanca country is strongly associated by many with the film of the same name in 1942, the phrase “I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship” and the song “Casablanca”, which at one time sounded literally from every iron.

Casablanca is now a major port and economic center, a modern European city with beautiful hotels of famous world chains and magnificent ocean coast.

In Morocco, you will find an organic combination of Arab culture and African flavor, due to the history of its formation. The tourist infrastructure is well developed: you will find modern hotels of all categories, restaurants adapted to European tastes, and markets where merchants speak several languages. But all the most interesting is hidden from the eyes of casual passers-by.

Many centuries ago, the first state on the territory of Morocco was created by the Romans. In those days, vast areas of land were inhabited by Berbers – the ancestors of modern local residents. The Romans called these nomads “Mavrus”. It is from this name that the word “Moor” comes from. The history of the city begins in the 8th century with the Berber settlement of Anfa. The city was destroyed and rebuilt twice. The first time after the conquest by the Portuguese, and the second in the 17th century after the earthquake. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Casablanca country has been part of the French protectorate. Now it is a modern city with wide boulevards and skyscrapers. The name of the place was given by the Portuguese back in the 15th century. Translated, it means “white house”. Now Casablanca is second only to Cairo in size . If you count the population of the city and the surrounding areas, you get an impressive figure of 10 million people. This is the most populous place in the kingdom.

I understand that the nature and name of “Casablanca” itself don’t invite people to discover and connect with its genuine side and I think most people that visit it won’t have much time to spend there.

Because of this, I m write a full guide for the best Casablanca morocco things to do with the best Casablanca day trips and excursions from Casablanca. This guide includes all the ”touristic” activities but also a few hidden gems and things that you could do to truly feel connected with the Moroccans of Casablanca.

WHERE IS CASABLANCA-where is casa blanca?

are you ask where is Casablanca located. that’s your answer: Casablanca is in the Atlantic coast of Morocco. located 87 km south of Rabat and 244 km north of Marrakech.

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It is the ideal place for any traveler wishing to discover the Moroccan coast. Beautiful surfing cities like Essaouira and Taghazout are easily accessible from Casablanca with blue city chefchaouen and marrakech..

Marrakech Casablanca Distance

Essaouira city is located 244 km west of Marrakech:takes 2h37min.

Casablanca Essaouira Distance

Essaouira city is located 372 km of Casablanca

Casablanca To Sahara Desert Distance

casablanca to merzouga-The sahra desert is located 668 km of Casablanca

distance from casablanca to desert :the driving distance between Casablanca to Sahara Desert Merzouga is 668 km. It takes approximately 9h 32m to drive from Casablanca to Sahara Desert Luxury Camp.

casablanca map

How to get To Casablanca and how to around Casablanca


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airport transfer casablanca morocco,transportation from casablanca to marrakech,casablanca marrakech transfer,private car from casablanca to marrakech,casablanca airport transportation,

Although Africa might seem far away, a direct flight from New York to Casablanca country is only 6 hours and 45 minutes — about the same as flying to London. Royal Air Maroc offers affordable direct flights between the two cities.

Between Russia and Casablanca, there is a direct flight connection – this is the most convenient and fastest way to travel to this African city. Ticket prices vary greatly depending on the season. This destination is especially popular in August, October, and December. You can fly not only from Moscow.

The flight should be planned in advance. If you have to buy tickets 2-3 days before departure, then their cost will almost double.

The Mohammed V International Airport of Casablanca is considered the busiest in the country. Many people landing in Morocco will first arrive in the country through this airport.

Although Casablanca airport is quite busy, it is very far from the city center and can be difficult to access. In this guide, I will explain how to get from Casablanca airport to the city center.

You can get from the airport to the city center by private Casablanca transfer, by bus, train, collective cab or with a rental car.

By bus

A very convenient way to get from the casablanca airport to the city center is by bus. There is currently a CTM bus that leaves the airport every hour and takes 45 minutes to reach the city center. The bus leaves the airport from terminal 1 and you buy your ticket directly on board for 20 MAD.

By train

Trains leave the airport every hour and it takes about 45 minutes to reach the city center. They run daily between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

They leave from the airport terminal 1 and the ticket price is about 42 MAD. You can buy your ticket directly at the airport train station.
By car

Rent A Car

If you rent a car, it will be easy for you to get from Casablanca airport to the city center. Just follow the N11 towards the city center. It takes about 40 minutes to get from there to the city center.

Private Casablanca Airport Transfer

With Morocco Travel Holidays, you’ll enjoy a personal transfer service from the Airport Mohammed V Casablanca to your accommodation in Any Morocco City. we provide an exclusive service of luxury vehicles very comfortable with professional drivers and experienced.

check our transfer service : casablanca airport transfer

By Casablanca Grand Taxi

Once on the ground, the best way to get around is in Casablanca’s taxis. “Grande taxis” go to and from the airport and “petit taxis” are for commutes inside the city. Be aware that taxi drivers in Casablanca often try to hustle Western tourists for high fares. You can’t always avoid this, especially if you’re in a part of town without a lot of taxi traffic. The best you can do is to ask the driver to use the meter (“le comptoir” in French) as soon as you get in the car. A taxi from one end of Casablanca to the other shouldn’t cost more than $5. Also bear in mind that petit taxis work like Uber Pools, especially during rush hour — so don’t be surprised if yours stops to pick up someone else.

Casablanca Exchange Services

Airport exchange offices are never the best place to change your money, I suggest you change a small amount of money into Dirhams at the airport and take the train to Casa Port station.

The boulevard next to this station is lined with banks and exchange offices offering much better rates than those at the airport.

Casablanca Morocco Language

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There are a number of languages of Morocco. The two official languages are Standard Arabic and TamazightMoroccan Arabic (known as Darija) is the spoken native vernacular.

Casablanca Morocco Weather

The city gained particular tourist popularity due to the relatively mild African climate. There is no stifling heat here as across the continent. Casablanca is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This neighborhood has a beneficial effect on the weather: in summer the air temperature in the city does not rise above 30 degrees, and in winter it does not drop below 20 degrees. Therefore, the city is full of tourists all year round. There is no heavy rainy season in the country. There is a little more precipitation in summer than in winter

The warm Mediterranean climate makes the city attractive for tourism. It is better to come here during the period from May to October, when the average temperature will be about + 23 … + 25 degrees, and the maximum does not rise above + 34 … + 35. The heat is transferred easily and calmly, because there is an ocean nearby, and a cool breeze blows along the coast. There is almost no precipitation at this time of the year, the maximum humidity and precipitation in Casablanca are observed in the winter months.

Casablanca Nature

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Casablanca is located in western Morocco , on the Atlantic coast. The city can hardly be called green – residential buildings, skyscrapers and office buildings define its appearance. And yet, one cannot fail to say about the local huge, beautiful parks, where you can take a break from the bustle of the city. The main natural attraction of Casablanca is the snow-white beaches, which create a picturesque coastline.

Casablanca Morocco Safety

Morocco is a politically and socially stable country where tourists can feel safe. In Casablanca, the crime rate is very low, and the townspeople are very warm to all visitors, especially to Europeans. It is possible to walk along the main streets and in the areas of hotels here even at night, however, in crowded places and in the markets, you must carefully monitor your personal belongings.

Casablanca Morocco Best Time To Visit

Holiday season The sultry resort attracts tourists all year round. The most attractive period for tourists is from May to October. It is at this time that the tourist season opens and closes. If families with children are sent to Casablanca, then the most favorable months for rest are: July; August. To admire the surroundings and travel around the country, any month is suitable.


Here is a list of the best things to visit in Casablanca if you only have a few days to visit the city. I’ve sorted the activities in this list by days, but feel free to make your own schedule as you see fit. enjoy best Casablanca things to see and to do in this article 🙂 .

Casablanca Sightseeing Attractions|Things To Do In Casablanca

Visite Hassan II Mosque

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This famous morocco mosque should the furst in your list of best things to see in Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque is the most important and famous place in Casablanca morocco. This is the third-largest mosque in the world, but its minaret is the highest – 210 meters, there is no such thing anywhere else. The area of ​​the complex is 9 hectares, 100 thousand people can pray here at the same time, with 25 thousand in the prayer hall.It features pristine marble flooring, hand-carved stone, and wood, cedar ceilings covered with gold leaves and stunning multi-colored tiles. The mosque was opened in 1993. It is one of the few religious sites in the Muslim world where non-Muslims are allowed access. The tour is conducted only with a guide at certain hours;

Did you know?  During the construction of the mosque, many technical solutions were used – a sliding dome of the prayer hall, a powerful laser shining towards Mecca and visible at a distance of 30 km, 78 columns of pink granite.

hassan ii mosque opening hours

only possible to visit the mosque with a guided tour. The time of the guided visits varies throughout the year and afternoon:

Saturday – Thursday: at 9AM, 10 AM, 11 AM and 2 PM in the afternoon. Friday: 9AM and 10 AM in the morning and 2 PM.

hassan ii mosque ticket price

hassan ii guided tour costs 130 MAD for adults and children older than 12 years old. Children aged 4 to 12 years old will only have to pay 30 MAD while kids younger than that can enter the mosque for free.

This fee includes a one-hour group tour with a guide in several different languages. Even if you are already in a group, you will paired with a larger group in the same language.

Tickets to visit the mosque can be purchased at the ticket office located at the entrance of the religious complex, next to the parking lot. You only need a ticket if you want a guided tour inside the mosque.


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The Casablanca Cathedral is the Roman Catholic Cathedral, built At casablanca in 1930. After the independence of Morocco in 1956, it was changed to a cultural center. Designed by French architect Paul Tournon, the Cathedral is a Gothic Revival style. On the top floor of the church you can see the scenery of Casablanca.

At the moment it no longer serves as a religious place but it became one of the top sightseeing in casablanca.


Rick’s Café Americain, the gin-joint owned by the bitter and cynical Rick Blaine (Bogart) in the movie CASABLANCA , was an upscale nightclub and gambling den that attracted the likes of French and Nazi officials, thieves, and refugees. This rough and tumble joint played a central part in the movie Casablanca and, thanks to Kathy Krieger, the fantasy place has now become a reality…

This piano bar is filled with details designed to capture the spirit of the CASABLANCA MOVIE : an old piano from the thirties, a sculpted bar, curved arches and balconies.

Rick’s café also hosts jam sessions every Sunday night, inviting artists, both local and foreign, the chance to hop onstage and showcase their talents. Jazz is widely appreciated in Casablanca and Rick’s Café offers yet another venue for jazz musicians to practice their art.

VISITE Mohammed V Square Casablanca

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This Mohamed v square, now the municipal administrative center, is made up of many buildings from the 1920s, most of them with Hispano-Muslim architecture and Art Deco influences. One must look carefully at its elegant arcades and white facades, decorated with golden stones. One of its most striking buildings is the prefecture (Wilaya), inaugurated in 1930 by Mohammed V who was then the sultan. It houses a beautiful tropical garden, as well as paintings by the French decorator Louis Majorelle. In 1976, a fountain was added, which from time to time delights visitors with music and water shows. You can admire a spectacular view of Casablanca from a 50-meter high tower that stands right next to the prefecture. The French consulate completes the area, where you can see the equestrian statue of the French general Hubert Lyautey inside, which was located in the center of the square a few years ago.

I realy recommend visiting this beautiful square at night when the water fountains are working and bathed in a golden light.

visiting the port

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The Casablanca port is super easy to find, it is located in the main street of the city center and very close to the Casa blanca Port train station! You can get there by cab from anywhere in the city.

There are no sightseeing in the port. Usually, there are no shops, no maps or tourist information at the cruise dock. Most cruise liners will provide a shuttle bus. Check with your cruise line what the case will be for your cruise. If they provide a shuttle bus they often bring you to the Medina of Casablanca which is the perfect location to start a journey by foot through the city. Be aware though there are a lot of pushy salesmen at the shuttle bus stop.

If fishing is not your thing but you like to eat fresh fish, you can always go to one of the stalls located next to the port and eat grilled fish or shrimps.

It’s a fun and very cheap experience: buy the fish or seafood you like, give it to the vendor and he will clean the fish right in front of you.


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The old city of Casablanca is located between the port and the mosque of Hassan II. Walking there gives the impression of traveling in time.

On the north side of the medina, facing the port, you’ll see the last remains of Casablanca’s 18th-century fortifications. Known as the sqala, the bastion offers panoramic views over the sea.

If you walk in the old medinas of other Moroccan imperial cities such as Marrakech or Fez, you will find it much easier to navigate in comparison.

The old medina Casablanca morocco is located in the ancient market in the heart of Morocco Casablanca and sells handicrafts and souvenirs, delicious Moroccan food, weird antiques, wooden decoration, handmade soap, and old traditional vintage. Looking out over the sea from the sea, there is a blue sky and sea water, with a high and low white outline. The hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities along the coast are nestled under neat rows of tall palm trees and orange trees, with its unique and unique appeal.

Casablanca CORNICHE-Casablanca Corniche Ain Diab

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The Corniche is the walk along the coast of Casablanca. On a sunny day, it is one of the most pleasant places in the Casablancacity, but if it rains, the sound of the Atlantic Ocean and the movement of the waves are also a good spectacle. From the promenade, you can have an interesting view of Hassan II, one of the few mosques that open the door to non-Muslim tourists. The promenade is mainly intended to be an area very popular with tourists and residents, whether they belong to the middle or upper class. There are many restaurants, clubs and even, a little out of Moroccan traditions, a very active nightlife. Alcohol is forbidden and there is a shopping mall, but prices do not differ much from those in other Western countries.

This is a pedestrian street in Morocco Casablanca and the sea, with sea views and many gourmet restaurants around. The coast of Casablanca is beautiful, where you can see the vast Atlantic Ocean, especially at sunrise and sunset, the golden sun is shining red, and many locals come here for a relaxing holiday.

mahkama du pacha casablanca-mahkama du pacha visite

This unique building is located in the Medina. The building has been transferred to the local prefecture and is happy to open its halls to tourists. Tourists are amazed by the splendor of the decoration of the rooms. The inner park is very beautiful. Notre Dame de Lourdes This massive church is famous for its unique stained glass windows.

This building was once the residence of a pasha, but now houses government offices. For this reason, you can only enter the building with a guide, but it is absolutely worth it.

You can get a guide to visit this building at the Mohammad Hassan II Mosque ticket office.

Casablanca’s Habous Quarter-Morocco Casablanca New Medina

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In the old part of the city, the Habbus shopping center is interesting – this is a new medina, built in the early 20th century. Here you can see the work of local craftsmen – tinsmiths, bakers, tailors. World-famous handicrafts from leather, metal – all this is done by artisans in the open-air workshops. In a large number of souvenir shops you can find ceramics, national clothes, oriental sweets. It will not be possible to save money on them, since the merchants set prices slightly higher than other artisan regions of Morocco . Clock tower

This historic symbol of the city was built in 1911. It sort of separates the modern and the ancient city. There are many craft shops around. It is here that you should buy souvenirs

Central market

You cannot visit the city and not visit its central market. It is here that you can feel the rhythm of city life. The bustling bazaar offers unique handicrafts by local craftsmen. Here you can take very interesting photos. You can find any African souvenirs on the market, the main of which is Moroccan slippers.

Casablanca Morocco beaches

Comfortable Casablanca morocco beach with luxury hotels are located along the coastline. There is not a single natural beach in the city, they are all man-made, but it is impossible to guess about it. Sandy beaches are the most popular among vacationers:

  • Ain diab beach Casablanca: This is the most visited place in Casablanca, as the beach is located not far from the city center. It is equipped with swimming pools. In the ocean, the water is not always warm, but in the warm water of the pool you can swim with your children.
  • Bouznika beach morocco: Vacationers who love surfing go there.
  • corniche beach morocco: This place is suitable only for very wealthy tourists. Snow-white sand, excellent service and clear ocean water make the Cornish an elite place.


There are many Casablanca restaurants in the city where you can have a delicious meal. They offer not only Moroccan cuisine, but also French, Spanish and other cuisines of the world. The cost of lunch ranges from 15 to 100 dollars US . Most expensive Japanese restaurants such as Kiotori. You won’t be able to eat here for less than $ 100 per person. In Casablanca,Morocco you should definitely try the local dishes. Their difference from exquisite French or Italian dishes is only in the price. Traditional cuisine is much cheaper. While in a local restaurant, be sure to order couscous. Having tried this amazingly tasty dish, it is impossible to guess that coarse semolina is taken for its basis. Vacationers will definitely be offered harira lamb soup. In Casablanca,Morocco they love to season all dishes with spices. The soup is extremely high in turmeric, which is not very familiar to the European stomach. Each family has its own special recipe for this soup. Beans, rice or noodles are added to the lamb. In any combination, it turns out very tasty. Very interesting traditional wedding food pastilla. It is customary to meet important guests with such a meal. The more layers in the cake, the more respect the owners express to those who come. Its basis is pigeon meat. The most popular drink in the city is Moroccan tea. It is prepared on the basis of green tea, to which, depending on the season, mint or wormwood is added. The range of dishes in restaurants is striking in its variety. On the streets of the city, you can taste delicious tortillas or tagine – a special pasta that is added to almost all local dishes.

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Here are best restaurants in Casablanca(personal opinion):

Le Riad restaurant

best Morocco authentic traditional cuisine, the restaurant Le Riad is the best place to start your trip!

This place is a hidden gem and it is easy to walk past the front of the restaurant without realizing that an amazing culinary experience awaits you inside. The tajines served here are all made of a delicious mix of vegetables and meat with just the right amount of couscous.

An excellent option in this restaurant is chicken with olives and lemon tagine. Each meal is served with warm bread and olives.

If you want a Moroccan feast at an affordable price, go to Le Riad restaurant as soon as you arrive in Casablanca!

Blend Gourmet Burger

If you are looking for the best burger in Casablanca, this is the place to visit. This restaurant challenges the idea that a hamburger should be classified as fast food.

Eating here is a gastronomic experience and I bet you’ll want to come back again and again.

Here the hamburgers are cooked to perfection and the buns are just right, not too dry or soft. This restaurant is also famous for its fresh fruit juices and tasty lemonades.

Brasserie La Tour

Brasserie La Tour is a bit more expensive than the restaurants I usually recommend and is located inside a hotel but I liked the food so much that I couldn’t leave it out.

This restaurant is actually a combination of La Brasserie (European menu) and Atelier Oriental (Moroccan options). In a way, it is the best of both worlds, you can enjoy French specialties and Moroccan delicacies in the same place.

Breakfast at Brasserie La Tour is fantastic and the spreads are delicious. Fresh fruit juices, fruit, egg dishes, mint tea, Moroccan pancakes with honey, what more could you ask for :)?

Rick’s Cafe

Rick’s Cafe – it’s worth going here if only for the name. Here the spirit of the forties of the last century and the famous film with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is completely recreated. The food in the cafe is quite expensive, but you can plunge into the atmosphere of the cinema and purchase a postcard with views of the city. Here you can order first and second courses, desserts, drink coffee. The institution is open until late;

N’ZAHA-Nzaha Casablanca

N’ZAHA located on the seashore, on the Ain Diab beach. Here you can order seafood dishes prepared according to Moroccan traditions. The main influx of tourists here is observed in the evenings, and during the day you can safely drink coffee with a bun and admire the sea waves. The prices are pretty good and you can get a decent dinner for 30 euros;

Taverne Du Dauphin Casablanca

Taverne du Dauphin is one of the oldest restaurants in Morocco Casablanca with impeccable service and reputation. Here you can taste French dishes. The menu is dominated by seafood, of which the Galician-style octopus is worth noting;

Bonaire Casablanca Restaurant-Casa Blanca Restaurant

Bonaire Casablanca Restaurant is a rather unusual restaurant in North Africa because it serves Argentinean dishes. The restaurant specializes in cooking meat, which can be prepared according to a very large number of recipes. Her specialty is traditional Argentinean grilled salsa with spicy sauce;

Moroccan Restaurant Casablanca

Moroccan Restaurant Casablanca – it is called the “Window to Morocco”, because the specialty of this institution is traditional Moroccan cuisine. The air is filled with aromas of spices and herbs, honey and lemon. Tourists will feel here all the delights and shades of local cuisine.

Shopping in Casablanca

Shopping in Morocco Casablanca is a pleasure, as there are both oriental bazaars and modern shopping centers. For traditional souvenirs, you need to go to the Habus quarter or the so-called New Medina. It contains an incredible number of souvenir shops, shopping streets, and markets. You should pay attention to Moroccan carpets, leather shoes, and bags, kitchen utensils, ceramics.

WHERE TO STAY IN CASABLANCA-Casablanca Hotels-Casablanca Hostels

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There are a large number of Casablanca morocco hotels, of completely different styles, designs, and prices – there are luxury hotels, and there are also affordable hotels.

casa blanca is a city rich in traditional architecture. One of the best experiences you can have in Morocco is staying in a Riad, typical rich Moroccan houses with indoor courtyards and fountains, designed with zelliges (Moroccan tiles).

you can find accommodation for every taste and budget. The central areas of the city are filled with luxury hotels. Budget hotels and hostels are nearby. They lack good service and convenience, but also the value corresponding to – just $ 8 US per day. Hotels collected the most positive reviews from city guests.

Casablanca Famouse hotels-Casablanca Morocco Hotels

youssef bouhsini Bx DIAU6 Hw unsplash 768x1024 - Casablanca morocco things to do|Casa Blanca Things To See

The most famous and most popular with tourists are the following hotels in Casablanca :

hôtel club val d’anfa casablanca

The Hotel Club Val d’Anfa is a casablanca luxury hotel located near the city center. The design of the hotel is realized in the national style, inside there are many elements made by local craftsmen – mosaics, wood, and stone decoration of the premises. The pride of the hotel is its own collection of paintings by Moroccan artists.

four seasons hotel casablanca morocco

The Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca is a five-star casablanca hotel located on the Atlantic coast. The hotel successfully combines modern technical solutions and equipment with Moroccan design. It offers good views of the ocean and the lighthouse of El Khank. The service corresponds to the assigned stars – high quality and discreet, and the swimming pool will allow you to wait for the days when the sea does not allow you to swim.

kenzi basma hotel casablanca maroc

Kenzi Basma – located in the center of the city, in one of the Twin Center towers. It is equally convenient to reach the beach and other parts of the city from the hotel. From the windows you can see most of Casablanca’s attractions – the Hassan II Mosque, the Arab League Park, Mohammed V Square. The rooms of the hotel are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, the service is polite and correct. and the prices are quite affordable.

Best Casablanca Hosteles

orlova maria 6viJObrmnBw unsplash 683x1024 - Casablanca morocco things to do|Casa Blanca Things To See

Property located in a quiet area near the train station

This property is one of the most comfortable houses in Casablanca. It really feels like home. It has large, bright rooms, comfortable beds, a terrace and a beautiful kitchen.

This place is ideally located since the train station Casa Voyageur is 10 minutes walk from the property.

casa mers sultan hostel

Casa – Mers Sultan est un casablanca appartement complet qui est équipé de tout ce que vous pouvez souhaiter. Il est équipé d’une machine à laver le linge, ce qui vous permet de laver vos vêtements après une longue journée de marche dans la médina.

Cet appartement est situé en plein centre ville et toutes les principales attractions et curiosités de Casablanca sont à proximité.

BEST RIADS IN CASABLANCA-Luxury Riads In Casablanca

kevin wenning NVSmTsxIuOg unsplash 683x1024 - Casablanca morocco things to do|Casa Blanca Things To See

Riads are typically Moroccan buildings that began to appear during the Idrisid dynasty. They usually have interior courtyards with gardens and fountains. A notable feature of their construction is that they are designed with zelliges (Moroccan tiles).
No stay in Morocco would be complete without at least one night in a Riad. Here are some of the best riads near Casablanca (note that these are located in El Jadida, an hour and a half south of Casablanca) :

Riad Dar El Malaika

This magnificent riad has everything you need to relax, enjoy your stay and feel like a king. This riad is absolutely gorgeous and even the photos shared on can’t really capture the beauty and class of the place.Riad Dar El Malaika has a small pond in its inner courtyard, lots of beautiful vegetation and plants, amazing arches and columns, and sumptuous beds.

Riad Soleil D’orient

This riad is an oasis of peace and tranquility. If you wish to spend a relaxing stay in El Jadida, far from the hustle and bustle of Casablanca, this is the riad you need to book.The riad has a beautiful rooftop terrace where you can relax and read your favorite book in a deck chair.At Riad Soleil D’orient, you will be within walking distance of the markets, the Portuguese fort and the sea. A very good breakfast is served every morning in the garden of the property.Breakfast consists of a selection of fresh fruit, orange juice, eggs, cakes, several types of pancakes and homemade jams.

Art Riad Au Bord De La Mer

This pretty riad is beautifully decorated. The ornamentation of its rooms integrates traditional Moroccan elements and a modern design.The riad is located in the old Portuguese city and from the terrace you will have a magnificent view of the port. This place is extremely affordable compared to other riads in the region.

Ryad 91 Casablanca

ryad 91 Located in the district of Sidi Belyout in Casablanca, Ryad 91 is 1.8 km from the Hassan II Mosque, 3.1 km from the Anfa Place Living Resort and 6.2 km from the Morocco Mall. Facilities at this property include a restaurant, reception and 24-hour room service, as well as free WiFi connection throughout the property. The riad has family rooms.In the riad, each room is equipped with a desk, a flat-screen television and a private bathroom. All units in Ryad 91 are equipped with air conditioning and a wardrobe.

Riad TANJIL Casablanca

Located in Casablanca, 19 mi from the Anfa Place Living Resort, Riad TANJIL offers accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a common lounge and a garden. The property is located 20 mi from the Morocco Mall, 20 mi from the Hassan II Mosque and 17 mi from the Central Market of Casablanca. The air-conditioned rooms overlook the garden and are equipped with a wardrobe and free WiFi.

At the riad, each room has a desk, flat screen TV and private bathroom.Guests at Riad TANJIL can enjoy a continental breakfast.The accommodations have a terrace.Speaking Arabic, English and French, the staff is ready to assist you 24 hours a day at the reception.

Riad La Villa & Spa Casablanca

Located in El Jadida, a few steps away from the Portuguese fortified city of Mazagan, the sea and the souks, the Villa offers modern accommodation in a friendly atmosphere.

You can relax in the jacuzzi on the terrace, the solarium or in one of the many lounges. The pergola lounge offers a panoramic view of the city and the Villa also offers massages and beauty treatments.The restaurant and the chef will prepare Mediterranean dishes and traditional Moroccan cuisine.Its rooms are spacious and air-conditioned. They are equipped with flat-screen TV, ceiling fan, private bathroom and free Wi-Fi internet access.

Transportation and communication in casablanca

casa blanca bus - Casablanca morocco things to do|Casa Blanca Things To See

Casablanca is located on a rather vast territory, so it is difficult to visit all the attractions without public transportation. The city has a fairly extensive network of modern high-speed streetcars. It is the most convenient means of transportation for tourists. But its disadvantage is that there are very few stops in areas with beaches. The fare is 6 dirhams or 50 US cents. To facilitate access to the chosen beach, one must be careful with cabs or buses.

taxis are red cars, rather hilly, but the cost of a ride in the city does not exceed 4 dollars – the price is quite compatible with the quality of service.

This is important! Taxi drivers in Casablanca, and in Morocco in general, do not reciprocate. No need to pay the driver with a big bill. It is better to know the price of the trip and add a 20% tip.

Casablanca Buses are both municipal and private. Municipal buses are immediately noticeable – they are very old, rather dirty cars that run without any timetable. But on the busiest routes, there are new blue buses from private carriers. They are much more attractive and comfortable than those of the state. Travel is inexpensive – 5 dirhams, or $0.5.
If you wish, you can rent a car. There are many car rental offices in Casablanca and all you need to present your driver’s license and credit card. The cost of a good new car is 250 euros per day, you can save money and take an old car for 100 euros. It is easy to get a car, but it is difficult to get around the city because of the frequent traffic jams in popular places in the city and in the center: local drivers do not respect the traffic laws, the streets are flooded with motorcycles and mopeds that move chaotically. To get around the city by car, you have to be extremely careful, and it is not necessary to travel without a map – it is almost impossible to find your hotel by following the advice of the locals or to try to understand the interlocking streets.

Mobile communication works successfully in Casablanca. For communication, it is better to buy a local operator card, it costs about $7. The Internet works rather poorly – providers provide Internet access services with limited speed. Almost all hotels have Wi-Fi.


Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco. Most major companies are headquartered in Casablanca and as such, it is easily accessible from many other Moroccan cities.

Since November 2018, there is a high-speed train linking Tangier, Rabat and Casablanca. This train covers the distance between these imperials cities in the blink of an eye.

The proximity of Casablanca to Rabat also makes it ideal to visit the two cities, one after the other, during a trip along the Moroccan coast.

How to get to Casablanca from Rabat by train?

Casablanca and Rabat are very close to each other. The two cities are quite similar in size and appearance and people often think of Casablanca as the capital of Morocco.

If you are visiting Morocco and go to Rabat first, your next stop should inevitably be Casablanca.

You can consult online on the ONCF website the schedules of the trains that connect Rabat to Casablanca. Once you know which train you are going to take, you can go to Rabat’s main train station called Rabat Ville (see map below) and buy your ticket there.

There is a train that leaves every 30 minutes and it takes about 50 minutes to reach Casablanca from the capital. The price of a ticket is between 35 and 80 MAD.

How to get to Casablanca from Rabat with your own car

Rabat Casablanca distance is very short, so it is convenient to drive there if you have your own car or if you rent one. There is a toll highway between the two cities (A1 highway) and it takes about an hour to drive from Rabat to Casablanca.

How to get to Casablanca from Tangier by train

Tangier is an excellent starting point to visit the Atlantic coast of Morocco. If you wish to take a high speed train between Tangier and Casablanca, you will have to go to the Tangier City train station.

You can consult online on the ONCF website the schedules of trains running between Tangier and Casablanca. Once you have an idea of the schedule, you can buy your ticket directly at the station.

Here is the location of Tangier City :

The high speed train takes two hours to cover the distance between cities and a ticket costs about 250 MAD.

How to get to Casablanca from Tangier with your own car?

If you have your own car or if you rent one, the road to Tangier along the coast is undoubtedly a pleasant one. The driving distance between Tangier and Casablanca is 338.82 km. It takes about 3 hours to reach the city from the south.Its Chance to enjoy a casablanca to tangier tour.

Driving from Tangier to Casablanca is a great idea if you have time and want to have the freedom to stop along the coast and take great pictures. You will also drive through other beautiful cities like Rabat (the capital of Morocco) and Larrache (where you can visit the ruins of Lixus).

Driving between the two cities means that you can stop at any time and enjoy the beaches…

To go from Tangier to Casablanca, just follow the A1 highway south along the coast.

Casablanca is a big city, a huge metropolis in fact! But if you take the time to discover it, you will love it. I hope this guide will help you do so.


Marrakech is accessible from Casablanca by taxi, bus and train. However, the most convenient and cheapest way to travel between the two cities is by train, so it is this option that I will discuss here.

It is very easy to buy your train tickets directly at the station. Ticket prices and schedules are available on the ONCF website. Once you know which train you are going to take, you can go to the station to buy your ticket. Bring cash to buy your ticket as it is not always possible to pay by debit or credit card.

There are eight trains a day between Marrakech and Casablanca that leave every two hours. Travel time between the two cities is about 2.5 hours.


If you have your own car or if you rent one, it is very easy to reach Casablanca from Marrakech. To get to Casablanca from Marrakech, just follow the N11 south to the A7 freeway. Follow the A7 highway and you will arrive in Marrakech.

The Marrakech Casablanca distance is 244 km and the journey takes about 3 hours.


A CTM bus connects Chefchaouen to Casablanca daily at 1:30 pm. The bus journey takes about 6.5 hours (with a few toilet breaks and food in between) and a ticket costs 160 dirhams (+ 10 dirhams for your luggage).

You can take this bus at the CTM bus station in chefchauen, . As there is only one bus per day, it is preferable to book your ticket in advance at the bus station or to book it online.

However, if you book your ticket online, you must still go to the CTM office to pay for your luggage on the day of departure, so make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes in advance.

Casablanca tours |casablanca desert tours|casablanca excursion|casablanca day trips|


Casablanca Morocco Tours are ideal for the people looking to visit the imperial cities of morocco, mountains, green valleys, gorges, old centuries kasbahs, and Sahara desert. During our tours of Casablanca, you will get to know the best that Morocco has to offer.

4 Days Sahra Desert Tour From Casablanca

Enjoy The beauty of Morocco Shara Desert with morocco travel holidays, Casablanca tours 4 days which will give you the opportunity to discover the stunning middle and high Atlas mountains, Ifrane “a little Moroccan Switzerland” known for its alpine-style architecture and nearby ski resorts, Cedar Gouraud forest in Azrou where wild monkeys are living in their normal habits and Ziz valley the second longest river in the country, without forgetting camel trek experience and overnight stay at desert camp including Sunset & Sunrise over the dunes of Erg Chebbi. In our 4 day tour from casablanca you’ll visit the traditional Weekly market of Rissani, the beautiful Todra valley and gorge, Dades Valley and Taourirt Kasbah, Film studios in Ouarzazate as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of ksar Ait Benhaddou as well as the high atlas mountains where we’ll make several stops to admire its panoramic views and authentic Berber small villages…before we reach

we offer best morocco sahara desert tours from marrakech.

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6 Days Tour From Casablanca

Casablanca tours 6 days that will allow you to explore the best of Morocco’s imperial cities, middle and high Atlas mountains, Ifrane. Cedar forest in Azrou the unique place where wild monkeys are living in Morocco and Ziz valley the second longest river in the country, without forgetting camel trek experience and overnight stay at desert camp including Sunset & Sunrise over the dunes of Erg Chebbi. This Casablanca to Marrakech Tour will give you the opportunity to spend more time in the Sahara desert, explore the Merzouga area including a visit to the Berber nomads families…In our casablanca 6 days morocco itinerary you’ll visit the traditional Weekly market of Rissani, the beautiful Todra valley and gorge, Dades Valley and Taourirt Kasbah, Film studios in Ouarzazate as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of ksar Ait Benhaddou before we reach Marrakech.

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7 days desert trip from Casablanca

Enjoy Casablanca to Fes desert tours in  7 days, in the Morocco desert tour will drive through the Rose valley, enjoy spectacular views of the high atlas, sleep in desert camp, see the sunrise and sunset from the back of a camel.enjoy  Camel ride in Erg Chebbi dunes and night in a camp, Merzouga desert camp with camel ride, Todra valley, and Skoura palms during your private Casablanca Desert Tour. See the best places in Morocco tours with the best Tour started from Casablanca. Travel in luxury 7 days to enjoy the beauty of Morocco and exploring its diverse culture with nomadic life in Merzouga desert Sahara…

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Morocco 8 Days Family Adventure Tour From Casablanca

Morocco Family Holiday travel: Take your family on a Moroccan adventure! Marvel at the sights and sounds of Djemaa el Fna in Marrakech, morocco family vacation get to trek on camels into the Sahara and camp out amongst the rolling sand dunes, discover kasbah Ait Benhaddou and more! With plenty of free time for fun at the swimming pool and relaxation. This tour is designed for children aged 5 and over. An active adventure in the Moroccan wilderness exploring North Africa’s highest mountains and the world’s largest desert. Ride mules in the High Atlas and cycle the southern mountain slopes. Explore the great Sahara desert by camel,best sahara desert tour, sleeping in a traditional Berber tent among the dunes. Finally, discover the ancient city of Marrakech and experience the evening street entertainment on the Djemma El Fna Square. family morocco tour.

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14 Days Tour From Casablanca

14 days Imperial cities tour morocco from Casablanca: For some, having to take a long haul flight to Morocco travel for a visit in a lifetime opportunity that may not be repeated again, and taking full advantage of it to plan a Grand tour of Morocco is essential. If you fit in this category, then, this Morocco tours is just for you. if not you can check our tours.

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Casablanca tours 9 days-Best Casablanca desert tours

9 Days Tour from Casablanca City to explore the best of Morocco from the historical city of Fes, Atlas mountains, the magical Sahara desert, Palm groves, Valleys, Gorges, Old centuries kasbahs, the impressive high atlas mountains…and finally the red city of Marrakech. Our private Morocco tour is ideal for people looking to visit a combination of different beautiful destinations in Morocco.

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Free Walking Tour Casablanca-places to visit near casablanca

casablanca: the medina and beyond morning cultural walking tour

This tour is an excellent overview of the city that walks you through the most iconic sights. Stop by the famous Hassan II Mosque, Place Mohammed V, Casablanca Cathedral, and much more.  Simply download the Casablanca Sights and Sounds app on your phone, and you’re good to go. The overall tour takes approximately 3-hours; however, this depends entirely on how much you want to see and do.

Day Trips To Neighboring cities Of Casablanca

Chefchaouen-tours from casablanca to chefchaouen

Casablanca day trip to chefchaouen: Chefchaouen, or Chaouen, is a blue city morocco in the Rif Mountains of northwest. It’s known for the striking, blue-washed buildings of its old town. Leather and weaving workshops line its steep cobbled lanes. In the shady main square of Place Outa el Hammam is the red-walled Kasbah, a 15th-century fortress and dungeon, and Chefchouen Ethnographic Museum. The octagonal minaret of the Great Mosque rises nearby.

chefchaouen is the bleu pearl of Morocco and is 338.4 kilometers from Casablanca. The Casablanca chefchaouen distance takes about 5 hour and 56 minutes

Suggested tour:Chefchaouen 2 Days Trip From Casablanca|Casablanca To Chefchaouen

The number one reason to visit Chefchaouen is for its beautiful streets, filled with houses painted in different blues. Watching the sunrise or sunset in Chefchaouen,
Sunrise and sunset in Chefchaouen are two magical moments of the day in this town.
Visit of the Spanish mosque:The Spanish mosque is a beautiful building that stands isolated on a hill above Chefchaouen. The mosque was built in the 1920s during the war.
Shopping in the Medina:Visit the narrow and tortuous streets of the Medina, and its souks! The souks may not be as big as in other Moroccan cities like Fez, but they remain a popular shopping destination.
Visite Kasbah Museum:On the main square is the Kasbah: an old Moroccan fort.
Take Plaza Uta El-Hammam: Much is happening around the bustle of the main square of Chefchaouen: Plaza Uta El-Hammam:Enjoy the nature around Chefchaouen
The Riff mountains offer an ideal setting for magnificent nature and wildlife.
Discover delicious food: The flavor of Moroccan food is unlike anything else. On every street corner, you will find homemade bread, baked by the locals in their wood-fired ovens.

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Rabat-Day Trip From Casablanca To Rabat

Rabat is the Morocco Capital and is 87 kilometers from Casablanca. The journey between these two cities takes about one hour and ten minutes.

Rabat is located at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg.
The day trip to Rabat will make you discover the main sites of Rabat: such as the Kasbah des Oudaias, the Hassan Tower and the ruins of 200 columns, the Necropolis of Chellah, the Mausoleum Mohamed V, the medina and more!

Get Your Day Food With Moroccan local restaurant.


Marrakech-marrakech sightseeing day from casablanca

chefchaouen is Red city of Morocco and is 243.6 kilometers from Casablanca. The casablanca chefchaouen distance takes about 2 hour and 45 minutes

During this Marrakesh day trip from Casablanca, you will have the chance to visit the famous tourist sites of Marrakech, minaret of the Koutoubia, completed during the reign of the Almohad Caliph Yacoub El Mansour in 1184, the gardens of the French painter Jacques Majorelle, a colorful place, including the famous “blue Majorelle” and lush vegetation. Other places to visit are the gerdens of the Menara and the colorful stores of the souks.

Suggested GUIDED Article:Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

The excursion to Marrakech from casablanca city will also take you to visit the Bahia Palace, a dazzling show, it allows visitors to appreciate the best of Moroccan traditional art. Vast labyrinth of rooms and courtyards, the Bahia Palace dates back to the 19th century. This Palace of Beauty bears the name of the favorite of the vizier Ba Hmed, who was the true master of Morocco from 1894 to 1900. This huge residence was the home of the general resident under the French protectorate.

visit the Gardens of the French painter; Jacques Majorelle is flamboyant of colors, especially with the famous “Majorelle blue” and the luxuriant vegetation.

Book best excursion Marrakech from Casablanca, to explore the magic of the ochre city.

You can also complete your tour with optional sites such as the Saadian Tombs, a garden cemetery that houses the marble tombs of the Saadian kings and their families; these tombs demonstrate the power and sophistication of the Saadian dynasty. Dar Si Said Museum, and many others…

Fez-fez medina

Fes is 295.2 kilometers from Casablanca. The casablanca fes distance takes about 3 hour and 8 minutes

Fez was the capital of modern Morocco until 1925. The city has two old medinas, the larger of which is Fes el Bali. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is believed to be one of the world’s largest car-free urban areas. Al-Qarawiyyin, founded in AD 859, is the oldest continuously functioning madrasa in the world. The city has been called the “Mecca of the West” and the “Athens of Africa”, we offer day trips from Casablanca to fes to explores fes city.

Fes day trip from Casablanca city you will have the chance to admire the instrument makers’ souk before arriving at the Mzara of the ancient sovereign Moulay Idriss situated at the place where he took the decision to build the town. Then you’ll arrive in En-Nejjarine Square and the cabinet makers’ souk. The magnificent carved Foundouk on the square houses the Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts. Next to it, you can admire the most visited and revered attraction in Fès: The Moulay Idriss Zaouïa, Your walk continues on to Es-Seffarine Square, the coppersmith square, and then to the tanners’ quarter situated just before the Andalusian quarter with its mosque and the Es-Sahrij Medersa


The 240 kilometer trip from Casablanca to meknes takes about two hours and 40 minutes. A day in Meknes is enough to explore the most important sites, including the .

Meknes, once the capital of Morocco, is a historic city full of life. The souks are spacious and ideal to explore. You can see the beautiful gate of Bab el-Mansur on the el Hedim square, Museum of Moroccan Art, the Bou Inania Madrasa and the Moulay Ismail Mausoleum,perhaps the most beautiful of all the gates of the imperial cities.Visit the mausoleum of Mulay Ismail and his corn attics and stables that are called Heri es-Souani, which once accommodated up to 12,000 horses

Visite volubilis meknes a Morocco Roman Ruins. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest of its kind in North Africa and very well preserved. It lies in a strategic position about 33 km north of Meknès and is famous for its mosaics. The best time for a visit is in springtime when the wildflowers are in full bloom among the old stones. The roman city is over 2000 years old and was destroyed in 1755 by an earthquake. You can explore this fascinating site by your own or with a local guide.


Portuguese, French and Berber architecture frames the labyrinthine streets of Essaouira, a charming and dynamic port and resort town on the Atlantic Ocean. Nearby, couples and families stroll along the beaches of Cap Sim and Sidi Kaouki, which also attract surfers of all types. Relaxation is easy to find here, as is a bus to Marrakech for those looking for a essaouira day trip.

Distance between Essaouira and Casablanca:The shortest distance (as the crow flies) between Essaouira and Casablanca is 307.13 km.

Take a day trip to Essaouira from Casablanca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the kilometer-long beaches that are among the best in Morocco. Stroll through the historic medina and buy colorful souvenirs at the Souk Jdid.

Take a beautiful walk in the historic medina
Take advantage of the several kilometers long beaches in the region.
Discover the azure colors of the port of Essaouira
Visit the Souk Jdid, a market place in the historical part of the city.
Discover the fortress and the famous ramparts of the old town


This small historical town is located along the Atlantic coast about 75 kilometers from Casablanca.

This Moroccan city is located on the left of the river Oum Er-Rbia.

A day trip to Azemmour FROM Casablanca allows you to discover the local life of the region. The city walls, dating from the Portuguese period, are covered with interesting street art and graffiti; they are attractive from the outside, belying the shabby streets on the inside

Casablanca Travel Trips

Travel Tips Each country has its own characteristics that tourists need to know in order for their vacation not to end in trouble. Casablanca is no exception. For a relaxing break, travelers should take note of the following tips:

  • Do not use local water supply. For drinking, you should purchase closed bottled water. If this rule is violated, the acclimatization process can be complicated;
  • The class of the institution is indicated by the number of visitors. If a vacationer finds himself in an almost empty restaurant in the evening, then you should not think that he is lucky. Most likely, the institution has a bad reputation and it is better to refuse to visit it;
  • It is customary for waiters to tip at least 10% of the check amount. At the same time, do not leave money on the table, but give it to him in his hands;
  • Ignore the harassment of local merchants. They may be very compulsive about offering a local guide or trying to sell an unnecessary trinket. If you give them at least some attention, the day will be ruined, since it is very difficult to get rid of local obsession;
  • But you should not refuse an invitation to visit for a cup of tea. The locals are renowned for their hospitality. And if a visitor comes with a small gift there will be no limit to the hospitality of the hosts;
  • Visitors should wear the most closed clothing. Local customs must be respected. When moving around tourist areas, the wardrobe can be anything. Particular attention should be paid to the veneration of Mohammed. This ruling dynasty has been held in high esteem by the locals for many centuries. The name of the king and his descendants should not be used unnecessarily. And his criticism will not only greatly offend the inhabitants of Casablanca, but can also be punished.

Essaouira is the most imposing of Moroccan cities, it is a fascinating combination of streets lined with snow-white houses, wide sandy beaches and a lively fishing port. The city is famous for its craftsmen working with local cedar wood. Essaouira attracts both artists and photographers, as well as windsurfers who consider the local skiing to be the best in Africa. The city is located 176 km west of Marrakech.

anastasia dimitriadi I1iqWSZCL84 unsplash 1024x683 - Essaouira -Things To Do in Essaouira Morocco

Informatioin About Essaouira Historique

The name of the city comes from the word suirah – “beautifully drawn”, and indeed, Essaouira is distinguished by an unusual regular layout for the country, which owes it to the French slave of the Sultan Sidi Mohammed, who in 1760 proposed the project for the current development. In the Roman era, the “purple” islands of Mogador (also the ancient name of Essaouira), located near the coast, supplied the dye obtained from shellfish for the royal mantle. Such a mantle was on the shoulders of Ptolemy at his meeting with Caligula, and it also served as a pretext for the murder of the Moorish ruler, who claimed to be superior in dress.

A busy fishing port is the epicenter of urban activity. Today tourism is competing with sardine fishing as the basis of the urban economy, although there are few attractions in the traditional sense in Essaouira. Chief among them – the fortress Scala (Skala) , which offers a wonderful view of the bay and a small town museum Sidi Mohammed (rue Derb Laalouj; open: 8.30-18.00; closed: Tue, entrance fee) . Guests of the city spend most of their time at the bazaars of wooden products, admiring the works of local craftsmen offered by the merchants.

To the south of the port stretched sand dunes Diabate (Diabat) , where once settled colony of hippies, led by Jimi Hendrix. Today the Essaouira beach has been chosen by fans of windsurfing.

Essaouira doesn’t have many iconic sights and interesting places, but the city is very atmospheric and will suit those who want to relax on the ocean shore, leisurely strolling along the port and fortresses. And not getting tired of stroking the cats, they are very fat here (ate on fish)!

Essaouira Pronunciation

CHECK This Article IN How To Pronounce Essaouira Pronunciation

Essaouira Map

Things To See in Essaouira

pexels uncoated 255545 1024x683 - Essaouira -Things To Do in Essaouira Morocco

Marrakech Essaouira Distance

Essaouira city is located 176 km west of Marrakech.

marrakech to essaouira time:2-4HOURS

Casablanca Essaouira Distance

Essaouira city is located 372 km of Casablanca.

Casablanca to essaouira time:3-4hourd


louis hansel shotsoflouis 8c1vOxxguZw unsplash 735x1024 - Essaouira -Things To Do in Essaouira Morocco

Essaouira is known as the “Windy City of Africa”. So don’t expect to spend a relaxing time on the Essaouira beach during your stay. The coastal wind – called the alizee – makes it the perfect place to learn to kite surf, but you’ll get a mouthful of sand if you try to sunbathe. Instead, spend your days shopping in the souk, sipping tea on rooftop terraces, and enjoying late nights with wine and live music.

Prepare your trip to Essaouira

What you should know About Morocco before you leave

  • The currency in Morocco is the Moroccan dirham (Dhs). At the time of writing, the conversion rate was approximately 8.25 Dhs to 1 USD. We will be referring to costs in dirhams, so keep in mind that if we say something costs 100 Dhs, it is equivalent to about 12-13 USD.
  • A number of languages are spoken in Morocco, but the two official languages are Modern Standard Arabic and Amazigh (Berber). The second (or third) language of most Moroccans is French. You will also find that many people speak at least some English.
  • Cash is king in Essaouira Morocco (and in all of Morocco, for that matter). Plan to pay for your food and lodging in cash, and keep small bills handy if you decide to tip the many beggars and street performers in the area. There are several ATMs conveniently located in the central square.
  • In general, non-Muslims are not allowed to visit mosques in Morocco and Essaouira is no exception. Admire them from afar but do not try to enter them.

Best Time To Travel To Essaouira

rigel o6ddndxgshw unsplash 1024x683 - Essaouira -Things To Do in Essaouira Morocco

Essaouira enjoys a very mild climate throughout the year. It is located on the west coast and a cold current crosses the Atlantic, keeping temperatures around 73°F, even during the summer months. A cool breeze blows year round, making it an ideal place for kite surfers and anyone looking to escape the intense heat of Marrakech.Summer is a best time to visit Essaouira, but it will be crowded with foreigners and Moroccans trying to find respite from the interior. Although temperatures are warmer, the beach is not ideal for sunbathing or swimming due to high waves and wind.

Temperatures are also mild in winter, with average temperatures of 66°F, although the constant wind makes it feel colder. Many riads are great to visit in the summer, as they have beautiful roofs, perfect for lounging. But because of their open-air design, they can be quite cold in winter.

Safety in Essaouira

Morocco is an incredibly safe country and the crime rate is quite low, but the maze of winding alleys can certainly make you feel uneasy at times. Compared to larger cities like Marrakech and Fez, Essaouira is a bit safer. The alleys are wider, there is less motorcycle traffic in the Essaouira medina, and the people seem friendlier.

You’re also less likely to find the scammers of Marrakech who often give foreigners false information. Essaouira medina is easy to navigate and you can generally trust people to point you in the right direction if you get confused.

Getting to Essaouira Morocco

Essaouira-Mogador Airport (ESU) is the small international airport serving Essaouira. Royal Air Maroc, Transavia, and easyJet are the airlines that operate flights to and from ESU.
Essaouira is not crossed by a rail line, but many buses shuttle between cities in Morocco throughout the day. CTM is the largest and most reliable bus company and Supratours also offers regular Comfortable bus. The bus from Casablanca takes about 6 hours and from Marrakech about 2.5 hours.
Many people choose to visit Essaouira in one day and hire a driver for the day. We do not recommend this option as it is worth spending 3 or 4 days exploring this amazing city.
Large cabs travel to Essaouira from Marrakech airport during the day only for a price of about 500 Dhs per person.

There are three bus stations in the city: the main one, from where most buses leave (closer to the outskirts of the city), as well as the bus stations of CTM and Supratours companies. The last one is closest to the essaouira medina and the embankment, so we used it. The CTM and Supratours buses are slightly more expensive than all the others, but they have good service on board. Here are the prices for CTM buses from / to Essaouira from different cities in Morocco:

Agadir – 3 flights per day, 70 dirham, 3 hours

Casablanca – 4 flights per day, 140 dirham, 7 hours

marrakech to essaouira flights – 2 flights per day, 2.5 hours

cost of bus from marrakech to essaouira:80dh

Tan-Tan – 1 flight, 175 dirham, 11 hours on the way.

Grand Taxi Essaouira Marrakech:

Private Transfer from Marrakech To Essaouira: about 2h30 drive.: the rate varies between 450dh/40€ and 1000dh/90€, depending on your negotiation skills, where you are, By Grand Taxi: large shared taxi of 6 people: about 80dh/7€ per person.


Essaouira is not very big, so you can easily explore the old medina on foot. If you need to go to the new part of Essaouira (to go to the bus station for example), all cabs in the city have the same flat rate – 7 MAD. So there is no need to negotiate when you get into the cab, just tell the driver where you want to go and pay when you arrive.

Best Things to See and Do in Essaouira, Morocco

1. Explore the Medina essaouira

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You are probably familiar with Moroccan medinas, like the one in Marrakech, by now. Carpets, cats, carts, narrow streets, beautiful doors, you know the drill.

But here’s what makes Essaouira medina different:

  • A wide boulevard runs through the midle. It starts at the popular Place Moulay Hassan, then becomes less and less touristy and more and more convenient for the inhabitants. After eight hundred meters, the medina ends at the essaouira citadel bab doukkala.
  • Since it is only about 800 meters long and even less wide, and all roads lead to the central boulevard, you have to be really bad at orientation to get hopelessly lost.
  • Less shenanigans. For example, unlike the medina in Marrakech, no one in Essaouira ever told us we were going the “wrong way” and tried to guide us where we didn’t want to go.
  • Less dodging. Few bikes, motorcycles or donkey carts threaten to run you over or amputate your toes.
  • The ramparts. You can walk along the top of the walls by the sea, take selfies sitting on the cannons, and shop in the tourist stores in the narrow street below.
  • Fish market. As we explain in our article on where to eat in Essaouira, we advise you to be careful shopping at the fish market, but it doesn’t hurt to look around.

Essaouira Fishing Port

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Essaouira is a fishing town and was the main fishing port in the country in the 1900s. The port has not lost its authenticity and it is the ideal place to see the fishermen unloading their catch of the day and selling it to the locals.

Admire the bevy of blue boats, try to stay out of the way while the fishermen haul in their catch and sell it, watch them set their nets while chatting, and take pictures of all the action with the seagulls in flight, the Sqala du Port, and the medina walls in the background.
This port is a photographer’s paradise. you will loved to going there every day for taking pictures of the fishermen returning from the sea in the evening.
This is also the favorite time for the cheeky seagulls to fill their bellies…

If you’re a gourmet, you can buy fresh fish and grill it right on the spot.

In addition to the delicious fish you can enjoy, the harbor is also a great place to watch the sunset. Don’t miss the opportunity to climb to the top of the pier to get the best view of the sun disappearing behind the island of Mogador.


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The rocks and cliffs surrounding the old town of Essaouira are spectacular and you can walk by them at low tide.

It is especially beautiful to walk around them at sunset!

To get there, you’ll have to leave the old town at Place Moulay Hassan and head towards the port.

When you reach the end of the square, you can access the beginning of this rocky path on your right.

Best Look Places of Essaouira city

For an entrance fee of only Dhs 10, you can get one of the best views of the old city in all of Essaouira from the Skala du Port (skala de la kasbah) .
The small circular gate in the wall is perfect and even has steps to help you get into position. After taking a few photos, climb the stairs to view the bustling port from above. The view of the blue fishing boats below, while birds fly overhead, is truly breathtaking.

Afterwards, head to the nearby seafood stalls, where you can see the day’s catch and choose which ones you want to grill. Ali, at stall #33, is super friendly and not as pushy as some of the other vendors.

Making friends with a camel on the beach -essaouira camel trek

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While Essaouira’s beach isn’t exactly ideal for sunbathing, it is great for long walks, watching kite surfers, befriending local horses and camels, and taking a ride on a mountain bike. When you exit the medina near the port, you will see the beach stretching for miles in front of you. In the distance, you’ll probably see several kites crossing the ocean – head in that direction. You’ll find a plethora of activities to keep you busy.

Moroccans who offer camel rides, horseback riding, or ATVs will fall all over you as soon as you get close. We prefer to stick to ATVs rather than cute animals, but it’s up to you. You can opt for a short walk along the beach or a longer one through the small sand dunes. Don’t forget to negotiate the price before you get on board.

Visiting the fortress tower-borj al barmil essaouira

There is a small entrance fee to enter this fortified tower but it is the best place to get a view of the whole city. You can see the port and the old town on one side and the ocean on the other.It’s best to go there on a weekday as it gets really busy during weekends.

Visite Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah Museum Essaouira

This iconic historical museum is well worth a visit. It is located in a 19th century mansion in the center of the old town and was named after the founder of the city himself.

It exhibits beautiful historical objects of the city such as ancient pottery, jewelry, musical instruments, wooden objects and weavings. The museum also contains a lot of interesting information about the Berber tribes that inhabited the area.

To visit this museum, you must go to Rue Laâlouj, a central street in the city of Essaouira (see map above “cool things to do in Essaouira”).

Visite The Sunday Open-AIR MARKET-Draa’s Sunday Market

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Visiting a traditional souk in Morocco is an experience you must absolutely try. They often resemble small mazes of stalls and stores and will overwhelm you with their smells and colors. Visiting these open-air markets is the best cultural experience you can have in Morocco.

Men from all over the region—Just men. The market is 99.9% male—ride for hours on their donkeys and busses to load sell their wares and load up on produce and other necessities for the week to come.

To get there, you will have to leave the old city from Bab Doukala. You have to go straight along the carriages and pass the gas station, then you will see a street full of stalls and vendors.

Visite Dar Sultan Palace Essaouira

This “sand castle” is actually a palace called “Dar Sultan”. It was built outside the city, near the coast, and furnished in a typical European style. It is said that Jimmy Hendrix spent a whole day there drinking and smoking while he wrote his famous song “Castle Made Of Sand”.

Walk to the end of the beach past the camels and horses and a rock that comes out of the sea. There you will see a river that flows into the ocean. If you follow this river on your left through the sand dunes, you will find a path that will lead you to the famous “Jimmy Hendrix sand castle”.

Shop Gifts In Essaouira Market(souk)

Most stores in the medina of Essaouira are touristy and tasteless, but not all. So, as with argan oil, finding authentic, quality products at reasonable prices is part of the game. As with argan oil, woodwork carved from the local Thula tree is a local specialty, so be on the lookout.

Leather bags, shoes, and cushions spill out into the alleys and plush Berber rugs hang from the walls. Spices delight your senses and blankets of all sizes and colors make the perfect gift for your friends back home. The store across the alley from the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah Museum has a wide selection of quality leather goods, and the salespeople are happy to negotiate with you. Expect to spend about 300 Dhs for a large leather “pouf” like this one:

And if you’re looking for tasteful souvenirs but are tired of haggling and want to be sure that what you bring home won’t fall apart in the next few days, head to L’Atelier, my favorite cooking school, cafe and home decor store in Essaouira.


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Moroccans have quite a sweet tooth. By ending each meal with a delicious pastry and a few cups of sweet mint tea, it is impossible not to develop one too during your stay. traditional dishes such as Tajines and harira soup almost anywhere in the city. If you would like something a bit fancier, it’s also possible to enjoy a Mediterranean dinner in one of the few luxurious restaurants overlooking the Moulay Hassan square.Walking through the streets of the medina of Essaouira, you will find countless stands selling typical Moroccan sweets, creamy ice cream, chocolate pancakes, and everything in between.


Gnawa music is massively popular throughout Morocco, but Essaouira is the heart of it. This type of music originated in Senegal, Sudan and Ghana, and was brought to Morocco by slaves. It mixes spirituality, rhythm and wild dance, resulting in a hypnotic trance. There are only three instruments: the krakets (iron castanets), the ghimbri (a three-stringed bass) and the voice.

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You can hear it at the Gnawa Blues restaurant, or at the Gnaoua world music festival every year in June. Besides the Gnawa, there is also the Festival des Alizés in April for classical music or the Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques in November for Arab and Andalusian music.

Enjoy A tradiotnal Hammam In Essaouira

A visit to a hammam is the the must Lovely Moroccan experience. In Essaouira, as in most major Moroccan cities, you have two options for visiting a hammam. You can either go to the very popular local hammam, where the majority of the locals go, or you can go to a spa-style hammam.

I personally recommend the first type of hammam over the second. Popular and inexpensive local hammams are an integral part of Moroccan culture.

All you need to do before you go is take some natural argan soap and your scrub cloth. Once there, you will be given a bucket and you will have to undress in the midst of the locals rubbing their backs while discussing their daily lives.

Get Hanna Tattos In Your Hands-Henna essaouira

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Covering the hands with henna tattoos is a tradition that is often associated with weddings and other celebratory rituals.

The tradition of using henna decoratively on the body in Morocco dates back to the time when the early nomadic Berber tribes traveled the country.

Henna was used after any major event, whether it was to celebrate a victory in battle, a wedding or a birth.

Taking Essaouira Cooking class

L’Atelier, A favorite place in Essaouira to work, eat quiche, drink coffee and buy souvenirs, also COOKING cooking classes which are very popular. They cost 500dh and take place from 10h30 to 3 per day.

Learn to Kite Surf

Essaouira’s strong winds and sandy shoreline create the perfect conditions to learn a new sport – kite surfing! Explora Watersports offers private, semi-private or group lessons, depending on your comfort level. You can also customize the length of your lesson. Their qualified experts will teach you the basics so you feel confident to get in the water and give it a try.
If kite surfing isn’t your thing, you can also rent regular surfboards and stand-up paddle boards with wetsuits for alternative water adventures. You’ll probably need a wetsuit, no matter what time of year you go.
After essaouira beach surfing, be sure to head to Ocean Vagabond to enjoy the surfers’ vibes while drinking a beer and watching the sunset over the Atlantic. This is one of the most popular spots in Essaouira for locals and tourists alike!

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If you feel like sandwiches or pancakes, you will find them all over the old town. It would be impossible to make an exhaustive list of all these restaurants, but I recommend some of my favorites.


Address: Rue Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah

This place, owned and operated by a charming Italian, serves some of the best pasta we’ve tasted in a long time. They are cheap (you can get a basic dish for about 50 dirhams) and the portions are good size – so good that we ate them twice!

check tripadvisor essaouira hotels her


Address: Mehdi Ben Tomert

A small, family-owned restaurant with only four tables and walls decorated with boxing memorabilia (the father/husband of the family is a top-notch boxing trainer by all accounts). The food isn’t fancy, and there are only a handful of dishes on the menu, but order one of each and get ready for one of the best and most authentic meals you’ll have in Morocco! Best of all? Two people can eat to their hearts content and pay only 100 dirhams! If you’ve read our article on travel costs in Morocco, you know that this is a real bargain.

We loved this little gem so much that we were disgusted when we returned on the last night to see that it was closed for the evening – so if you’re only there for a night or two, don’t leave it too late!


204 Place du Marche Aux Grains

Delicious freshly squeezed juices (served in jars of jam, of course), healthy sandwiches and an excellent vegetarian burger can be enjoyed in this delicious café located in a wonderfully sunny square. A small warning: you may have to throw a cat out of your seat before you can sit down!


5 Rue Hajjali

A super cool design, a beautiful shaded terrace and excellent food. Of course, it’s a bit expensive, but if you’ve been eating tagine all week, the menu here will delight and surprise you! Excellent choice of vegetables too.

where to stay in essaouira(experience of freinds)

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Essaouira Hotels

After nearly a week in a riad with a magnificent budget in Marrakech, it is the scene of the hostel in Essaouira that challenged us.

One hostel in particular stood out from the others: Green Milk. The staff was very friendly, the atmosphere was very sociable (without needing to be constantly stoned), the food was surprisingly good, the design was cool, the staff spoke English very well and there was a fantastic, albeit somewhat distant, dog called Chico. Check prices and availability here.

If you’ve ever researched accommodation options in Essaouira, you’ll probably come across Atlantic Hostel. After talking to several former guests who have sought comfort at the Green Milk, it seems that its reputation as a dirty and festive hostel is justified. Unless you like being kept awake by noisy bongos until 5am, it’s probably worth missing it.

Things to do, where to eat and where to stay in Essaouira, Morocco
If you prefer riads (especially if you don’t have the opportunity to rent one elsewhere in Morocco), you’ll be happy to know that Essaouira has plenty of them – and at really fantastic prices! These are some of the best in the city:

Riad Lunetoile : An astonishing charm of roof and seaside.

Dar Ness | Superb location next to the beach.

Riad Chbante | The option “loosen the purse strings”.

If you are a larger group or prefer to have your own accommodation, check out Jack’s Apartments or one of the many excellent Airbnbs in Essaouira (and if you sign up for Airbnb via this link you will save up to £25 on your first booking).

Essaouira Excursion And Day Trips Ideas

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essaouira morocco


There are two other coastal towns north and south of Essaouira that we recommend you visit while you are on the Moroccan coast. These are the cities of Taghazout and El Jadida. They are both very different and their proximity to Essaouira makes them ideal places to visit after your stay. I also strongly advise you to visit a beautiful canyon filled with pools of water east of Taghazout, called “Valley of Paradise”.

Essaouira Excursion To Taghazout-Essaouira beach surfing

Taghazout is a cool surf town where surfers from all over the world come to enjoy the winter waves.
It is sometimes cited as one of the best winter surfing destinations in Morocco. The water temperature rarely drops below 16°C in winter and the air temperature hovers around 18-20°C even in January.

This city has an amazing WEATHER, as you can imagine in any surfers paradise. There are a lot of cheap hostels where you can meet fun travelers in pursuit of the waves.

How to get to Taghazout from Essaouira?

From Essaouira, you can take a bus to Agadir (with Supratours or CTM). The trip between Essaouira and Agadir costs about 65 MAD but you will have to arrange with your driver to be dropped off in Taghazout, 20 minutes north of Agadir. You must do this at the time of purchasing your ticket to be sure that you will be dropped off at the right place.

If you have your own car or if you rent one, you can follow the N1 highway south to the surf center. The distance between the two coastal towns is 154 km and the trip should take about two and a half hours. There are many viewpoints along the road where you can stop to take great pictures of the coastline.

Essaouira Excursion To EL JADIDA

This small town north of Essaouira is quite famous for its appearance. It has enormous Portuguese fortifications and a very interesting architecture that resembles no other Moroccan city. Although it is not a great vacation destination, it is quite popular among Moroccans who go there to enjoy small seaside resorts facing the sea.

How to get to El Jadida from Essaouira?

There is a daily CTM bus from the CTM terminal in Essaouira to El Jadida. It takes about 4.5 hours to reach the northern city and a ticket costs 110 MAD.

If you have your own car and want to get there, just follow the N1 highway northbound. The distance between cities is 255 km and the trip should take 3h45.

Day trips to essaouia-Essaouira 1 day

day trips to essaouira from marrakech

Enjoy Best essaouira day tours from marrakech:one of best morocco tours from marrakech

Discover Essaouira Morocco With Marrakech day trip to Essaouira. During this excursion essaouira day tour from Marrakech, you can visit the old medina of Essaouira, the port and the Scala and the Argan woman’s co-operative, eat traditional dishes, and see Essaouira beach and the city gates.

Essaouira or Mogador is an old fort and fishing port located within 2 hours drive from Marrakech. It is considered one of the most popular day tours out of Marrakech. Essaouira day trip: marrakech to essaouira day trip is by far the most appreciated day tours by our clients: Many of them discover that hidden gem for the first time. Right away they decide to come back for sure to a short break in the peaceful and artsy and hippy town of Essaouira.

Essaouira day trips from Marrakech is a must-do day trip. Essaouira Situates in 175 kilometers away from Marrakech City. The beach of Essaouira is a long ribbon of around ten kilometers bathed in the surf. Its sheer size is surprising and its tranquillity is reassuring. There is an invigorating sensation from the ocean breeze as soon as you set foot on the immaculate sand., you will also admire the view of goats on trees. Essaouira is a medieval city known for its annual festival of Gnaoua music. UNESCO considers the city to be an international heritage. There are many other things to admire during your Essaouira day trip from Marrakech such as its pleasant ESSAOUIRA weather, place Moulay El Hassan, La Skala(skala de la kasbah), the port, the ramparts, and the Jewish district ‘Derb Lealouj’. thanks to the ocean breeze, Essaouira benefits from the cool air.

check our private day trip from marrakech to essaouira (we offer also shared day trips from marrakech to essaouira)

day trips to essaouira from casablanca

Day Trip To Essaouira From Casablanca Started With depart from your accommodation in Casablanca,Drive for about 4.5 hours. and then drive you to one of the loveliest cities in morocco. Before reaching to Essaouira you will have an exceptional places in the road to admire the landscape; Arriving Essaouira Discovering the old History of Essaouira and enjoy a spectacular ESSAOUIRA Weather of this city. You will have free time to get your lunch and to stroll in Essaouira, Feel free to explore this city and to say your farewells.

begin exploring this stunning example of Moroccan heritage. Wander through the historic streets and walk along the beaches. The Mogador Island, just a few meters off the coast, lies in clearest of waters and its moderate waves and the surroundings make it one of the most popular essaouira beach in the area.

check our day trips to essaouira from casablanca

day trip to essaouira from agadir


 Get to know the unique history, culture, and heritage of Essaouira on a one day trip. 
 A Visit to the Medina of Essaouira offers a charming colorful landscapes from The Moroccan – Portuguese style, to the Grand Mosque, terraces, cafes, and the souk. This old Portuguese city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Morocco in 2001.

agadir essaouira distance is 175km with 2h52 driving time

The Full Ultimate Guide to Marrakech Travel|What To Do In Marrakech Morocco

Marrakech is a city of Morocco, one of the 4 morocco capitals of the state (Fez, Rabat, and Meknes). In terms of surface area and the number of inhabitants – and it is just under a million people – it occupies third place. The city of Marrakech gave the name to the country itself: Morocco is nothing more than the word “Marrakesh”, which was reinterpreted by the Spaniards.

massimo adami ZkLi9JzhIbE unsplash 683x1024 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

Marrakech meaning: Marrakech is also called the Morocco Red City; it owes this name to the old city wall, built of red clay (today you can see it – it surrounds the old quarter of Medina). However, perhaps the name comes from the word “Marrakesh”, which is translated from Arabic and means “red”.

Where is morocco located(north Afrique), Marrakech is located 240 km south of Casablanca, 320 km southwest of the Moroccan capital Rabat and 574 km southwest of Tangier.

The location of Marrakech has made it a unique resort in its own way. On the one side, there is the Sahara Desert, and the weather in the city is warm even in winter. On the other side – it is located almost at in the foot of the High Atlas, you can get to the ski resort. The city also attracts hikers and mountain climbing, but most tourists come here to experience the real Oriental fairy tale and learn about Moroccan culture.

Marrakech is a Moroccan city rich in meaning, where you can experience a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern conveniences. A city where donkey carts, spice sellers, and snake charmers mingle with luxury spas, cafes, and tourist buses. The city contains a number of culturally and architecturally important Marrakech sites to see and the medina of Marrakesh was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

A city with a rich history, mesmerizing gardens, and old palaces, Marrakech is sure to surprise even the most experienced tourist with its sights. We will tell you how to get there and where you should definitely visit when you come to Marrakech for a vacation.

what to do in marrakech

juan ignacio tapia 4fwRyKISwfk unsplash 1024x683 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

Marrakech Morocco Map

Marrakech Morocco Weather-the climate in Marrakech morocco
Weather in Marrakech, as in Morocco, is most comfortable in spring and autumn: in summer it is too hot – during the day the air heats up to +39 ° … +40 ° C, and night temperatures are +25 ° C. However, most tourists come to the city in the summer, although the season in Morocco lasts from about the end of May until October. Winters in Marrakech are very mild and warm – during the day about +15 ° C, at night at about +8 ° C.

In winter you can combine a sightseeing tour of Marrakech with a rest at the ski resort Uqaymeden, which is located just 80 km from the city. The season at the resort runs from late November to late March


gemmmm 3HlqndAoMt8 unsplash 683x1024 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

When Is A Good Time To Go To Marrakech

-It’s very hot here in the summer. The temperature stays around 35-40 degrees but can go up to 48-49. There is no ocean nearby, and the wind is a rare guest. Therefore, in some corners of the old city in July – August is an incredible stench. When planning a trip in summer, book a hotel with a pool, and farther away from the medina. Do not forget that in the holy month of Ramadan, many cafes and stores may have reduced hours or not work during the day.
-In winter, you may encounter the opposite problem. Yes, the daytime temperature is 19-20 degrees. But at night it can be impossible to sleep because of the cold (8-10 degrees), as many houses and hotels have no heating. When booking accommodation in winter, find out how things work with heating.
-If a Morocco beach holiday does not interest you, the best time to go to Morocco is from October to November and from March to April. The heat is not as noticeable, and you can go to the mountains or the desert overnight and not freeze to death after the sun goes down.
-When traveling out of season, bring a light windbreaker, jacket or raincoat for daytime walks and fall clothes with linings (preferably non-blowing) for relaxing in the evening.


Before visiting Marrakech, I suggest you learn a few words of Moroccan Arabic. The merchants in the markets of Marrakech are very good at choosing foreign languages, but the large majority of people speak only Arabic.

I would also recommend getting a map software on your phone that can run offline.

And finally, I recommend that you buy a bottle of a Lifestraw water filter. Even though the water in Marrakech is not dangerous, it can contain many new bacteria that your body is not used to.

alternative things to do in marrakech

Marrakech Safety-Is Marrakech safe?

Marrakech is a relatively safe city. There are no violent crimes in this city, however, it is a place that is quite known for thefts, scams and swindles.When traveling there, you must be constantly vigilant as your attention will be solicited in all directions and the streets can be extremely crowded.The best solution to avoid being a victim of pickpocketing is to remain attentive at all times to your belongings and your environment. You should leave all your important items at your hotel and only walk around with what you absolutely need.

Marrakech Or Marrakesh?

The common English spelling is “Marrakesh”, although “Marrakech” (the French spelling) is also widely used. The name is written Mṛṛakc in the Berber Latin alphabet, Marraquex in Portuguese, Marrakech in Spanish.

Marrakech language?

The official language spoken in Morocco is Moroccan Arabic, which is slightly different from other forms of Arabic. Nevertheless, due to its various historical influences, part of the population also speaks French.

How to arrive in Marrakech

mourad saadi 4crYQZV4PAU unsplash 1 684x1024 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

Airport-Transport in Marrakech

For US citizens: Flights to Marrakesh arrive at Menara Airport (RAK). A valid passport is required to enter Morocco. Currently, Americans do not require a visa for visits of less than 90 days (check the State Department website for the latest requirements).

For Russian citizens: If you plan to spend less than 90 days in Morocco, you do not need a visa. Simply fill out a questionnaire at the border control, after which an entry stamp will be affixed to your passport. Look for the form at the counter in the arrivals hall.

Other Country: A valid passport is the only identity document accepted for entry into Morocco. Visas are not required by the following countries: British, European Union (EU), Australian, Canadian, American, and Japanese nationals for stays of up to three months. For all other nationals holding passports, please check with the Moroccan Embassy.


Marrakesch Airport Menara 1 1024x764 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

Menara airport is the airport where you will land if you take a flight to Marrakech. It is located only 6 km from Place Jemaa el Fena, the main square of the city, and it takes about 15 minutes to get there by cab from the airport.

There is no problem with the Internet in Marrakesh. Directly at the airport, you can take a SIM card for the Internet and calls, which you will be immediately authorized.

1 Gigabyte costs 10 dirhams or 1 euro, you can top up the balance in almost all stores.
Most of the establishments have free Wi-Fi connection and even on the street, the phone sometimes finds an open network.

Getting from Marrakech Airport to City Centre: How Much Cost?

there are 4 ways. The first is with Public Transport is to take a BUS, Grand Or Pink Taxi(smallOne), which is very simple and generally comfortable. Another option is to book a private airport transfer service, which will cost more but is very comfortable.or take a bus .or hitchhiking.


There are a lot of scam drivers who park at the airport waiting for unsuspecting tourists arriving in the country for the first time.

1)Take a taxi to the airport. With this option, be prepared to withstand the onslaught of dozens of TAXI drivers directly in the arrivals hall. Never get into a car without a clear agreement on the price, the driver will call the price 10 times higher, negotiate, convince, and don’t be afraid to refuse if the price doesn’t suit you. If a one-meter trip is offered, make sure the driver has turned it on. The best price is given by taxi drivers at the airport exit. But once the trip is over, be prepared for the fact that you will again have to resist the driver’s onslaught, who will try to make more money than was agreed upon in advance or indicated on the counter.

They know that these new arrivals are often unaware of the prices charged in Morocco. They have no qualms about tripling or even quadrupling the price of a taxi ride to the city center!

Unless official rates for cabs are posted on a wall outside the airport (more and more airports in Morocco are adopting this practice to avoid cab scams), you should not pay more than 100 MAD for a ride to the city center.

Depending on your haggling and negotiating skills, fares for the Jemaa el Fenaa should be between 50 and 100 MAD.

2)OR: Experienced tourists who have hitchhiking experience, get out of the airport on the highway and catch a car there, say that such a trip will cost half the price of a car at the airport.

3)Finally, the city is accessible by bus. At the exit of the airport, there is a bus stop at number 11 or 19, the trip costs 20 dirhams, the driver can be invited to stop at your hotel, if, of course, he passes it. The bus runs every 30 minutes from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.

4)And an option for experienced drivers – Rent a Car. Just keep in mind that traffic in Marrakesh is not subject to any rules, it is chaotic and incomprehensible, and in the old city – Medina, it will be very difficult to drive through because of the narrow and winding streets.

About Money And Exchange

The official currency is the Moroccan dirham (MAD)
Dollars and Euros are accepted for exchange, but it’s better to go with European currency which you can pay everywhere.
Change currency only in official exchanges or banks. As elsewhere, airports and hotels are not the best places for exchange.
Many places accept Visa and MasterCard. But in the market, street shops and small cafes you can only pay in cash.

About Insurance

It is not necessary to have insurance to enter the country and almost nobody will check it, but medical services for foreigners are quite expensive here.

Best things to do in Marrakech medina|Marrakech information guide|Complet guide for Marrakech travel

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1)VISIT JEMAA EL FNA SQUARE AT NIGHT- A Marrakech What to do at night
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Many interesting places of interest are located in one of the city’s districts called Medina or the “MOROCCO Red City”, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the heart of this neighborhood is the Jemaa el Fna square.

If you really want to understand and feel what Marrakesh is all about, you should visit its main square. Jemaa el Fna is a place like no other. This is where you will find the best and the worst in the city.

At nightfall, Marrakesh’s main square comes alive in what some call the greatest show on the planet. It is one of the oldest market places in North Africa and one of the busiest. It is home to a dizzying number of dancers, magicians, and storytellers vying for your attention (and your dirham :), as well as food vendors selling a variety of Moroccan specialties. Note that the animals you see with snake charmers and dancing monkeys are generally badly treated and are best left alone.

The smell of fresh orange juice mixed with the smells of exotic spices, the sight of Berber dancers is juxtaposed with that of big touring bands, and the sounds of snake charmers mingle with the cries of vendors trying to sell you lanterns and carpets. On the perimeter of the square, you will find a large number of stores, cafes, the post office, and an entrance for the souks.
The square changes from morning to evening, so I strongly recommend you to walk around it at different times of the day. The day is a little less busy and the square is filled with orange juice stalls, vendors of local products, henna artists, and men with chained Barbary monkeys. I had a hard time seeing the monkeys in the square, and Again I strongly advise you to avoid any artists using live animals (snakes and monkeys) as these animals are mistreated and forced to perform and even fight to the death (snakes) for the tourists’ money. In the evenings you will see more musicians and dancers, storytellers, acrobats, magicians and boxers. The food stalls also come alive as the evening approaches, serving all kinds of hot dishes.

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The Jemaa el-Fnaa can be a fun experience, but it can be overwhelming, especially with all those vendors trying to get you to buy their wares. The vendors can be polite or downright aggressive, so be prepared for that before you enter the square or walk through the souks. If a henna artist grabs your hand or if an artist tries to put a snake around your neck, be prepared to say “no” firmly and leave if you don’t feel like buying anything or paying for a photo-shoot.

2) Vise Tannery Marrakech-marrakech tanneries

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In Marrakesh, it is best to ask your hotel where the tanneries are located or to have a good map of the city. On the way, many tricksters may offer to guide you, but they will make you pay an exorbitant price. You should go to the tanneries by yourself and avoid the help of “friendly” foreigners who offer to show you the way (this is a common scam in Morocco).

The best way to visit the tanneries in Marrakech is to take a local guide for 2 to 6 hours for 25-30 US dollars to show you the local side of Marrakesh, including the old medina and the tannery.
Traditional open-air tanneries can be found in several places in Morocco. I would consider a visit to the tanneries in Marrakech, but only if you don’t visit Fez,morocco as the tannery in this city (the 11th century Chouara tanneries) is a much better place to visit. The Marrakech tannery is about 15 minutes walk from the souks. At the entrance to the tanneries, someone will inevitably offer you a guided tour of the tanneries, but be sure to agree on a visit price in advance.

During the tour, you will see dozens of workers working in open vats, soaking the hides to treat them before hand-dyeing them with different colors, then trampling them under the scorching sun to distribute the pigment. You will also be able to see and touch (if you wish) the different types of animal skins and the resulting leather. The perfume can be quite horrible, so be sure to accept the fresh mint that is offered at the entrance to get as close to your nose as possible when you visit the tanneries. There were animal carcasses in one area and also stray dogs feeding on the leftovers, so this is certainly not a visit for everyone and certainly not for the weak or those who are easily affected by strong smells.

One of the big problems with the tanneries in Marrakech is that travelers are often ripped off to come here. The “tannery scam” is a very well-orchestrated and very common scam in Marrakech, which the local authorities do not seem to do much to prevent.

3) Get Cooking classes in Marrakech

the better way to discover a city or a country is by learning about their local cuisine :).

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There are many great chefs in Marrakech who offer cooking classes. We strongly recommend you book a cooking class. You will learn how to cook authentic Moroccan tagines, how to buy ingredients in a souk, and how to use different spices and herbs.

This cooking class is really fun and once the tagine is ready, you can eat the fruit of your labor on the roof terrace near the city center.

Know Marrakech architecture history
marrakech architecture history

marrakech architecture history - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

4)saadian tombs marrakech

Saadian Tombs since the 14th century and this area served as the burial place for about sixty members of the Saadi family, including Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur and his family. The Saadian Tombs are worth a quick visit (admission fee) as the mausoleum and some of the tombs are beautifully decorated.

Magnificent orange trees, green gardens, and the singing of birds can be found in one of the most ornate mausoleums we have ever seen. The Saadian tombs are proof that even in death, for some, wealth can truly live on.

The tombs are extremely well maintained. If you want to see the most famous room in this mausoleum – the Twelve Column Chamber – you may have to wait in line, but it is worth the wait.

Where | Kasbah Street, next to the Koutoubia Mosque

saadian tombs marrakech opening hours

When | 9h-16h45

saadian tombs marrakech entry fee

Price | 70dh

5)The Tower Of The Koutoubia Mosque

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The Koutoubia mosque can safely be called the proud of Marrakech city. The tower’s minaret is 69 m high, on which you can see the golden balls, which were legendary in Morocco. For a long time, the inhabitants and guests of the city believed that the balls of the mosque were entirely made of gold. The old stories tell that the wife of one of the sultans, who sinned during the sacred fast, decided to atone for her sin by giving all the gold to make these balls. This legend brought much trouble to the city because it was because of the desire to capture the gold balls that Marrakech was attacked several times.

This superb mosque is must visite in Marrakech City. It is the highest mosque and its minaret can be seen from almost anywhere in the city center.
The mosque is only 200 meters from the Jemaa el Fnaa square. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter this mosque, but it is possible to admire it from outside.
The mosque becomes particularly beautiful at night when it is illuminated and covered with golden light.
The Koutoubia is not only an important spiritual center but also an admirable piece of architecture. It has astonishing arches and beautiful proportions.

6)Visite Ben Youssef Madrasa Marrakech

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However, we implore you not to let your time in the city be entirely wasted by a stay at the riad with “that pool”, a visit to “that spa”, a drink at “that café” – by all means, experience these places, but do not limit your experience of a wonderfully complex and textured city by following the photogenic footsteps of your “favorite” grams.We would however ask you to make an exception – just this once – for the wonderful Ben Youssef Madrasa.

One of the most popular sites in Marrakech City, the madrasa Ben Youssef has served as a center for learning Islam for over 400 years. Today, visitors marvel at the finely carved Moorish walls and the superb tile mosaics.

The fantastically preserved former Islamic school of the 14th century is a fascinating representation of Moroccan design and architecture. Stroll around the courtyard, examine the tiles and, if you arrive early enough, enjoy the silence. Don’t forget to go upstairs to dive into the small rooms, which once housed about 900 students, and stick your head out of the wooden windows to get a whole new idea of the skill that went into creating this place.

Make sure you go upstairs to look into tiny rooms that were once home to around 900 students.

Where | Kaat Benahid, Medina

When | 9am-7pm (6pm winter)

Price | 20dh

7)Bahia palace marrakech visite

An example of the magnificent architecture of the city of Marrakesh, the Bahia Palace was erected for the viziers who served the rulers Si Moussa and Bahmad in the 19th century. However, this only applies to the old part of the attraction, the new one was built under Sultan Abd-al-Aziz for 4 wives and 24 concubines of the vizier Ahmed Ben Mussa.
The palace is made in the Arab-Andalusian style and attracts guests from the city with a luxurious garden with banana trees, fountains, oranges, beautiful patios, a large number of rooms with graceful stucco moldings, and inlaid wooden ceilings.

has less history than the Badi Palace, but it is in much better condition, making it easier to imagine the original grandeur of this magnificent palace. It must have been a very lively place!


Legend has it that on the day of El Badi’s grand inauguration, the Saadian sultan turned to the court jester to ask his opinion on the extravagant new palace. The jester’s answer? “It will make a magnificent ruin”.

This jester was perhaps the wisest man in the room!

Built in the sixteenth century by the Saadian Sultan Ahmed el Mansour (yes, the same one who is responsible for the great tomb), this famous palace, translated as “the Incomparable”, was stripped of what made it so grandiose that the gold was transferred to Meknes by the sultan’s successor.

This does not mean, however, that this vast palace is not worth a visit or that the true magnitude of its grandeur is entirely lost. These ruins are vast, and those interested in them, even if only briefly, will need at least an hour or two to appreciate their full extent. It also offers beautiful views of Marrakech, as well as some of the most fantastic tiles we’ve spotted in the city!

Where | visible on all the maps we have seen, just cross the Pl des Ferblantiers and turn right along the ramparts.

When | 9 am – 5 pm

Price | 70dh (The Koutoubia Minbar costs 10 dh extra – we would not pay it again)

Stroll in a Garden-Marrakech Gardens Tour.

marrakech garden7 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

Your image of Marrakech City may not include a lot of green spaces and vegetation, but Marrakech actually has several gardens and groves. These can be good places to get away from the hustle and bustle of the center of Marrakech and its crowded squares and souks. There are several gardens that you can visit (some are free, others require payment).

9)VISIT JARDIN MAJORELLE-Best Time And Price To Visite Jardin Majorelle
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Jardin Majorelle, bought by Yves Saint Laurent in 1981. On the territory of the garden – the Berber Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art in Marrakesh, a collection of paintings by Jacques Majorelle and the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. The garden is visited by 700,000 tourists each year, so when planning a visit, be prepared for long queues at the ticket office.
Jardin Majorelle (Majorelle Garden) – It is an extraordinary botanical garden, where trees and exotic plants from different parts of the world grow: water lilies, coconut and banana trees, bamboos, and yucca, various cacti, fragrant jasmine, and breathtaking bougainvilleas.

The garden is open from October 1st to April 30th from 8 am to 5:30 pm. From May 1st to September 30th from 8am to 6pm. Finally, during the month of Ramadan from 9am to 5pm. Admission costs 50 Dirhams per person (extra 25 Dirhams if you want to visit the Berber Museum as well).

10)Le Jardin Secret marrakech

An oasis from the chaos of the Marrakech Medina, this beautifully restored courtyard features stunning tile work and lush gardens

Entrance fees to the Secret Garden: 60 Dhs per person, 40 Dhs for 7 – 24 years old, 30 Dhs for Moroccan residents (proof) and free for children under 6 years old

11)Menara Gardens and Pavilion

Is a favorite vacation spot for MarrakeCh population. This beautiful city park is located in the western region of Marrakech near the airport, covers an area of 100 hectares, and was created in the twelfth century by the order of the founder of the Almohad dynasty, Sultan Abd al Mumin.

Traditional and historical building located in the heart of the Medina – 4 km from the Majorelle garden and 7 min walk from the Saadian tombs.

The Menara Gardens are open daily between 8:00 and 19:00 and can be easily reached by foot or take taxi. There is no entrance fee and there is always an enjoyable, pleasant atmosphere where you can unwind and enjoy the gardens at your leisure.

12)Anima Garden Marrakech

  • Here, plants form compositions, which include modern works of art. Located in the southern part of the new Marrakech, you can reach the Medina in 30 minutes by a special free bus.

The Anima garden is open all year round from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Included: Guaranteed space in the shuttle bus, …
Costs: Approximately 12 EUR


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With the narrow, winding streets of the Medina and the little signage, the chances of getting lost at some point are quite high. The paper maps provided by your hotel immediately mark you as a tourist, a better option is to download an offline map via Google maps. Beware of unsolicited orientation advice (see above). If you need to ask for directions, it is best to ask a shopkeeper or restaurant staff.
Marrakech and its narrow streets are often compared to a large open-air maze where you can get lost for hours. Although some people may dread this feeling, I tend to enjoy it. I think getting lost in the streets is always a great way to discover a new city.

Sometimes it can mean finding a store selling thousands of lamps away from the city masses, handmade pottery and ceramics, leather goods, bags and shoes, and beautiful wooden objects, or it can lead you to a part of the city where you don’t feel welcome; that’s the risk and reward of discovering Marrakech on your own. Shopping in Marrakech is almost like a sport. It’s a very fun experience, but you have to follow a few simple rules if you want to avoid paying too much. If you plan to buy something in the markets of Marrakech, be prepared to haggle and negotiate prices.

Prices are usually very high to begin with, but don’t be afraid to haggle and make an offer much lower than the starting price. Moroccans love to haggle and generally expect you to do the same.You can usually offer a little more than half of what the seller was asking and then go back to the bargaining table. Whatever you do, keep the negotiations friendly and you’ll bring your friends a nice new carpet for their living room or a Moroccan lamp for their kitchen.

14)Shop in the Souks

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Vacations would not be complete without shopping. Choose the days of the week to shop and do some shopping, as prices are higher on weekends. If you want to immerse yourself in the true flavor of African markets, head to the Medina region, where you can buy everything from carpets to spices at the local market. The city’s largest market is called Marrakesh Souk and is home to a large number of crafts, souvenirs and quality food.The souks are the traditional markets of central Marrakech where a dizzying number of stores and stalls sell everything from shoes to handbags and lanterns to nuts. You can enter the souks via Jemaa el-Fna square and they are a must for visitors to Marrakech, whether you want to shop or simply admire the exotic sites.

Marrakech has the largest traditional market in Morocco, and the souks can be a confusing and somewhat intimidating maze for first-time visitors. Just enter knowing that you will inevitably get lost and be assured that you will eventually get out, but wandering aimlessly is part of the experience. In the outdoor sections of the market, it is more mixed with stores selling a bit of everything and as you go along, you will find more distinct sections such as stores focusing on woodworking, ironwork, clothing and textiles, leather goods, herbs, food products, pottery, live poultry, etc.Some stores are just tiny kiosks and others are surprisingly large cavernous spaces once you enter. You can also see some of the artisans at work in their workshops, which is interesting to observe. Many of the items on sale are genuine handmade items, others are imported from China. So pay attention to the quality and spend some time looking at the products offered in the different stores before you make your purchase.

Some salespeople are very polite and others can be aggressive and may follow you around trying to convince you to come to their store. Just be polite but DONT when you’re not interested, make it clear that you’re not interested, and move on and they will almost always leave you alone. Some salespeople will offer you tea; I will only accept it if you are really interested in buying something in their store, as it can be embarrassing to leave without buying something after receiving someone’s hospitality.If you want to buy something, you must be prepared to bargain with the vendors. The seller’s first price will be high enough at first, sometimes ridiculously high, to see if you will simply accept the first price. They expect you to haggle and offer a lower price and then go back and forth.

What to buy in Marrakech:

Cosmetics based on argan oil, one of the rarest oils in the world, which rejuvenates, nourishes and regenerates skin and hair. This tree grows only in Morocco.
Leather Staff: Moroccan leather is of high quality.
Babushi are bright shoes, sometimes decorated with curved toes.
Jelaba is a long hooded dress with wide sleeves, which is also worn outside.
A kettle(brrad) in which you can make Moroccan mint tea.
Decorative colored glass lamps.
The caftan is a traditional dress for women.
Dish for making tagine.
Ceramics – cups, plates, vases.

15)Get Hammam-Hammam Marrakech Tips

One of the best and most traditional experiences you can have in Morocco is a visit to a traditional hammam. The hammams in Marrakech are of different styles. Some almost resemble spas and are expensive, while others are a little less expensive and are mostly used by locals.For those of you who don’t know exactly what a hammam is, imagine this: lots of nudity, soapy rubbing, hot steam, slightly aggressive exfoliation and an enthusiastic massage.

Hammams are traditional public baths in Morocco.

Now, the choice of your hammam-of-the-day depends on your budget. For those who are ready to get hammam with the locals, you can find small hammams scattered all over the medina (usually away from tourist areas) whose entrance fee is around 10 DH, with additional charges for a scrub (15 – 30 DH) and a massage (50 – 100 DH).

Before leaving, you will need to get natural argan soap and a scouring cloth. Once you arrive at the hammam, you will be given a bucket and you will undress before going to a closed room. There, you will be in the middle of the inhabitants who rub their backs together and talk about daily life.All you have to do is fill your bucket with hot water and rub yourself in the room that looks like a sauna. These hammams are very cheap and cost about US$3. They are an important part of the Moroccan culture and will make you feel like a local.

If you are looking to push the boat and live a much more luxurious experience for tourists, think about the Royal Mansour Marrakech, La Mamounia, four seasons Marrakech, Heritage Spa, or the Baths of Marrakech. Don’t forget to book in advance because, as we’ve discovered, they are incredibly popular.

16)Visite Riad Marrakech Medina

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The picturesque riads are one of the sights of Marrakech. The marrakech riad is the courtyard of a house with a garden that can also house a fountain, a small swimming pool or a tea ceremony. If there is noise and din outside the riad walls, inside there is silence, grace, birdsong and mosaics on the walls. The average price per night for two in a riad is about 60 euros. There are a lot of offers in Reservation in the “Riad” section.

The riad is an ordinary house from the outside, but when you enter inside, you find yourself in an oriental fairy tale: a mosaic courtyard with a swimming pool, a fountain and fruit trees, rooms decorated in an oriental flavor, delicious breakfasts with Moroccan pancakes, cookies, aromatic coffee and fragrant tea. Here you will fully experience oriental hospitality and cordiality.

No stay in Marrakesh would be complete without at least one night in a riad. Further in this article, I’ll tell you what are some of the best riads in Marrakech.


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On a small plastic dining table, while the sun had not yet transformed the city into a furnace, we took so much pleasure in seeing another facet of the city.

There is a strong coffee culture (centered on men) in Marrakech and when it gets too hot, find yourself a dining table with a view and watch the myriad scenes unfold before you.

The traditional mint tea that Moroccans are so fond of is absolutely delicious and is a drink you should try during your visit to Marrakech.

Moroccans are so fond of this sweet drink that they call it “Moroccan Whisky”. It is served at almost every meal and tastes absolutely delicious.

There are many small cafes and Marrakech restaurants where you can enjoy this traditional drink or coffe. One of the best cafes in Marrakech to have a mint tea is the Zwin Zwin Cafe. The cafe has a beautiful rooftop terrace from where you can enjoy the panoramic view and the view of the Atlas Mountains.

There are several museums in Marrakech, focusing on various subjects such as art, history, crafts, Berber culture, Islamic art and photography. Although none of them are what we consider to be a must-see, you will probably find at least one that will interest you and you will probably come across a few as you walk through the streets. Most of them are paid for.


Marrakech has some rugs museums that have been opened to promote the rich heritage of Moroccan and Berber carpet and weaving collections. One of the best carpet museums to visit in Marrakech is the Dar Si Said Weaving and Carpet Museum. The collection of carpets on display is not very different from the others you will find in Marrakech, but the beauty of the building itself makes this museum worth a visit.The museum is located inside a beautiful old palace, with small courtyards and gardens filled with flowers and shrubs.Each room of the museum is decorated with wooden ceilings and multicolored tiles. If you want to see the most beautiful rooms, you will have to go to the second floor.

18)The Dar Si Said museum

is one of the most popular museums in Marrakech. It presents a collection of arts and crafts, including carpets, national clothing, jewelry and ceramics.

19)Museum of Orientalism

(Museum of Orientalism of Marrakech). Here you will find works by European artists inspired by the exotic beauty of Morocco. Including Eugène Delacroix and Jacques Majorelle, the creator of the famous garden.

20)Dar El Bacha

Confluence Museum. The museum’s original collection is composed of objects that show the similarities between Islamic, Christian, and Jewish cultures.Maison of Photography

21)(House of Photography)

The museum houses a collection of photographs that tells the life of the people of Morocco for nearly 150 years. There is a rooftop café where you can order mint tea and enjoy the view of the city and the Atlas Mountains.

22)The Al Maaden Museum

of Contemporary African Art is a new museum away from the old center of Marrakech, exhibiting modern African art, and next to the golf course there is a sculpture collection.

23)Marrakech From Above Experience-Hot Air Balloon Marrakech

If you have more than two days in the city, you can also consider visiting Marrakech and its surroundings by hot air balloon. A hot air balloon flight will give you a unique view of the city as well as the desert, the groves, and the Atlas Mountains that surround it. We have not taken a hot air balloon ride in Morocco, but we have done so in other countries and we always enjoy it. Most balloon trips include drinks and snacks before the flight and a meal after the flight. Several companies offer hot air balloon flights in and around Marrakech, including Viator, Marrakech by Air and Ciel d’Afrique.

miltiadis fragkidis ILxHs003uMc unsplash scaled 768x1024 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

Be prepared to get up early and balloon flights are of course weather dependent. It is therefore advisable to book them early in your stay so that you can reschedule them if necessary. If hot air balloons are not your thing but you still want an aerial view of the city, an alternative would be to book a helicopter tour.

24)-Food in Marrakech-Best Food In Marrakech

food in marrakech

A traditional Moroccan meal looks like this: there is a coffee dining table on the carpet, guests sit in a circle on pillows and eat with their hands in a common dish, using bread instead of cutlery.

In some places, you may find a similar ritual, but in most cafes and restaurants there are ordinary dining tables and chairs, and waiters offer cutlery to the guests.

Food And Drinks That Are Worth Trying

Moroccan tea / Berber whisky is a traditional welcome drink in any home, café, hotel and even in many museums. Every meal begins with a fresh mint tea – and ends with it. This drink is worth a try, if only to see how it is served.
Tagine is the most popular Moroccan dish. It is a vegetable with meat and dried fruit. If you go to the ocean, don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure of tasting the fish tagine.
Couscous is a cereal that is eaten in Morocco as an independent dish with vegetables, and as a complementary dish to the tagine. Couscous is traditionally prepared on Fridays.
The harira is a cheap lentil stew, very good in cold weather.
Amlu is a sweet almond paste with argan oil and is often served for breakfast with worm tortillas. It tastes like peanut butter.
Msemen – square flaky pancakes that go well with jam and honey as well as cheese. It is a popular dish in Morocco and can be found on every street corner. It is also often served for breakfast at the hotel.
Avocado Fresh is an incredibly delicious avocado milkshake that is prepared in many cafes, streets and fruit stores.
The baklava is a traditional saffron pastry.

Where to eat in Marrakech:

In Marrakech, you will find restaurants offering Italian, French, Japanese and Indian cuisine. However, if you want to taste real Moroccan cuisine, you should definitely visit the comfortable restaurant Riad Kniza in the Marrakech medina, where you can enjoy popular dishes such as tagine, pastila and enjoy the view that opens to visitors from the restaurant’s terrace.

Cooking classes in Marrakech 1024x768 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

Le Trou au Mur:

If you want authentic Moroccan food, this is the place to visit. They offer delicious mechoui and mixed salads that you can enjoy from a rooftop terrace overlooking Marrakech.

The Marrakech restaurant is beautifully decorated and the staff is very friendly and helpful.


This Marrakech restaurant is a little outside the city center, but it is well worth the 45-minute walk or 5-minute Taxi ride to get there. It is the ideal place if you like salads and fresh vegetables.

I ate a fantastic grilled eggplant with honey and almonds, a cauliflower fritter and sweet pumpkin puree.

Dar Zalij

This place is a bit expensive, but it is worth it. It was probably our most expensive meal in Marrakech, but compared to the prices of restaurants in Europe, it was not too expensive.

They serve generous portions and offer delicious vegetarian options. If you eat meat, I absolutely recommend the lamb tagine or the chicken tagine with lemon.

If you like sweets, the chocolate and orange lozenge will be the perfect dessert.

It seems that there is live music in this restaurant every night. There were sitar players while we were there and a belly dancer.

Dar Moha Restaurant

Very pleasant restaurant with delicious cuisine: a variety of salads, canapés, Moroccan cuisine. Everything is very exquisite and tasty, but very expensive.

Restaurant Chez Ali

The Marrakech restaurant is designed for tourists and is open in the evening. Dinner is combined with a show in the national style. Guests’ opinions about this restaurant differ, someone praises the food and the show a lot, someone writes that the dinner and the entertainment is not worth the money they ask for. Fun is not cheap.

Café Henné Marrakech

Be sure to check out the Henna Cafe Marrakech for free Wi-Fi, a beautiful vegetarian menu, tea, coffee, fruit juices, and fruit cocktails.
Don’t forget to visit this café, which offers free Wi-Fi, a beautiful vegetarian menu, tea, coffee, fruit juices, and fruit cocktails. And here you can also get a natural henna tattoo, from a small, modest drawing to an impressive tattoo. All profits from the café’s activities go to help underprivileged families and children in the region. They are taught music, English and French, and henna painting. If you are interested in the Arabic language, then for a token amount, you can be like classes.

marrakech what to do at night

Marrakech is a city that is worth taking the time to discover, so you will want to stay there at least a night or two.

toa heftiba m gTxMH0n 4 unsplash 683x1024 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do


The Marrakech medina is the most popular district of Marrakech. It is the old part of the city and is home to a market, tourist stores and museums.

The minimum price for a double room at the hotel is about 13 euros per night.
The average price for a double room is about 30 euros per night.
A bed in a hostel – from 4 euros.

Downtown, from here you can walk to most attractions.
Quite cheap accommodation.
Many shops, restaurants and a market nearby.
The atmosphere of real Morocco with mazes of old narrow streets.

Noise, dirt, unpleasant smells, crushing. A traveler who comes here for the first time can be shocked.
Risk of getting lost and spending several hours looking for your hotel.
Cabs will not be able to drive to the hotel door because it is forbidden to cross the medina.
It is boring and even scary here in the evening.


Small tourist area in the south of the medina with comfortable restaurants, terraces and stores.

The minimum price for a double room at the hotel is about 13 euros per night.
The average price for a double room is about 45 euros per night.
A bed in a hostel – from 4 euros.

All sights are nearby. In particular, the most popular place is Gemma el-Fna.
Quite cheap accommodation.
The proximity of trendy cafes and cosy terraces.

Kenaria, like Medina, is a tourist area, so be prepared for the crowd of travelers.


A relatively new district with modern buildings, offices and a developed infrastructure. It is suitable for those who are not willing to exchange their usual comfort for authenticity.

The minimum price for a double room in the hotel is about 25 euros per night.
The average price for a double room is about 60 euros per night.

Many accommodation options, from modern hotels to modest inns.
Discos, bars, shopping malls, cafes with terraces are all nearby.
It is difficult to get lost, transportation links are well established.
To the south, it borders the medina, so it is relatively close to the old town.

the spirit of the machines (maybe not as boring as the shouts of the Medina’s vendors and donkeys, but still).


An area not far from the center, made up of large hotels for tourists.

The minimum price for a double room is about 40 euros per night.
The average price for two people is about 90 € per night.

There are many mid-range resort hotels.
Close to the center.

From the outside, it is not very comfortable, but it is so important when the swimming pool and the all-inclusive formula are inside, right?
The trendiest and most expensive neighborhood with luxury boutiques, 5-star hotels, discos and casinos.

The minimum price for a double room in the hotel is about 40 euros per night.
The average price for a double room is about 120 euros per night.

There are many opportunities for lovers of nightlife and shopping.
No annoying street hassles.
Less:d orogo.

-ennakhil marrakesh

An oasis with palm trees north of Marrakech, where you will find expensive all-inclusive hotels, golf clubs, and swimming pools. Beach lovers come here.

The minimum price for a double room at the hotel is about 40 euros per night.
The average price for a double room is about 140 euros per night.

You can find a fairly cost-effective accommodation option with meals and a free bar (keep in mind that alcohol prices in Morocco are quite high).
A resort hotel pool can be a huge plus (and a lifeline) during the summer months.
Beautiful palm trees.
Entertainment – camel and horse riding.

You will probably have to take a cab to get to the historic center (but it is not that expensive and fast).
It is difficult to find cheap accommodation.
Marrakech also offers a wide choice of hostels for budget travelers who want to save money to explore during the day and exchange stories with other backpackers in the kitchen or shared bar in the evening.


Marrakech Morocco Hotels
market marrakech

Museums of Marrakesh 1024x706 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

Kasbah Red Castel Hostel

The staff of this hostel is one of the nicest in Marrakech tourism and you feel like they are old friends that you haven’t seen for a while. They have been very helpful and diligent.This beautiful hostel has a large terrace on the roof where there are a lot of deck chairs to relax. For digital nomads who work from their laptops and create online content, this hostel will be the perfect place. The hostel has many power outlets in the dormitories as well as in the common areas.Jemaa el Fnaa, the main square of Marrakech, is only 15 minutes away from this establishment. The location of the place is therefore ideal to see all the main sights of the city.

Mosaic hostel:

This hostel is located in the heart of the medina. Although it is located in the center of the city, it remains an oasis of peace and tranquility.An excellent breakfast is served at the hostel every morning, consisting of delicious pancakes, omelets and fruit.

The staff of the Mosaic Hostel is super friendly. They recommended great things to do in the city and made us feel at home. They also had a great music list that played every morning and it was the perfect way to start the day.

Be Nomad

It is the cleanest and most beautiful hostel in Marrakech, without question. The rooms, bathrooms and common areas are impeccably clean. The hostel is also covered with beautiful decorations. Although it is a hostel, you will find the same level of comfort as in a luxury riad.

The placement is managed by a young Moroccan entrepreneur who is very keen to offer his guests the best possible experience.He speaks very good English and can help you with anything you may need during your visit to Marrakech.


pexels taryn elliott 4502958 683x1024 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

Marrakech has so many beautiful riads that we couldn’t put them all here. They are more and more affordable and make you feel like part of a Moroccan royal family without breaking your piggy bank.

These are the ones we recommend in Marrakech :

pexels taryn elliott 4502960 683x1024 - Full Guide To Explore Marrakesh City|Marrakech Best Things To Do

Riad les 2 portes

This Riad is smaller than other establishments and therefore offers a more comfortable and private atmosphere than what is found in other places.The rooms are very comfortable and they are painted in very light tones as you can see on these pictures.

The Riad is located in a perfect location in the heart of the Marrakech Medina. It was ideal for our quick visit to Marrakech and was very pleasant. The staff was excellent, they were always available to answer all our questions and the breakfast was really varied.

Riad Jomana

Luxurious is the best way to describe this sumptuous palace. Riad Jomana seems straight out of the Arabian Night novel. It has a very traditional look with colored tiles and a water fountain. This riad is famous for its super-large rooms with huge beds. If you want to feel like a king without spending too much money, this is the place where you should stay.

Riad Dar Tamil

This Riad is full of beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers. It is very quiet and peaceful, even if it is very close to the city center. The Riad has a washing machine and there is no problem to have clothes washed during your stay.This riad is quite small with only 4 bedrooms but the rooms are really spacious.


Marrakech is accessible from Casablanca by cab, bus and train. However, the most convenient and cheapest way to travel between the two cities is by train, so it is this option that I will discuss here.

Traveling to Morocco by train is an excellent choice because it is cheap and allows you to discover beautiful Moroccan landscapes.

men at the old city market Marrakech Morocco – nomads’ diary

It is so easy to buy train tickets directly at the station office. Ticket prices and timetables are available on the ONCF website. Once you know which train you are going to take, you can go to the station to buy your ticket. always get the same cash with you to buy your ticket, is not always possible to pay using your debit or credit card.

There are eight trains a day between Casablanca,Morocco, and Marrakech that leave every two hours. Travel time between the two cities is about 2.5 hours.

If you have your own car or if you rent one, it is very easy to reach Marrakech from Casablanca. To reach Marrakech from Casablanca,morocco just follow the N11 south to the A7 highway. Follow the A7 highway and you will arrive in Marrakech.

The distance between the two cities is 244 km and the journey takes about 3 hours.

One of our favorite cities in Morocco is Essaouira and if you travel along the coast you will probably end up visiting it too. Both Marrakech and Essaouira are very traditional cities and it is a great idea to visit them both if you want to understand Moroccan culture in more depth.

To reach Marrakech from Essaouira, you must first go to one of the bus stations in the city.

There are two bus stations in Essaouira, one is used only by CTM and the other by Supratour and the various other bus companies that operate there.

The Supratour terminal is much closer to the old city while the CTM terminal is located a little further away. The Supratour bus stop is just southwest of the square known as Bab Marrakech.

If you have your own car, it doesn’t take much time to reach Marrakech from Essaouira. There are only 191 km between the two cities and it takes a little more than an hour and a half to get to Marrakech from Essaouira.

Fez has a bus station with buses leaving daily for Marrakech. Buses in Morocco are generally old, rusty and unlit, but the main company that connects Fez to Marrakech, CTM, has really modern and comfortable vehicles.They offer European quality service for twice the price charged in Morocco, but they usually include the 5 to 10 dirhams needed to transport luggage (briefcases), and they are not overloaded.

People go to the train station in the morning to book their ticket for the afternoon or the next day, and collect stickers for luggage, so be careful not to show up at the last minute and not find a seat.

If you have your own car and want to get to Marrakech, it is easier to get there by taking the coastal highway. The highway that runs along the coast is almost new and by taking it, you will not have to go through the treacherous and windy mountain roads of the center of the country.

To reach the coast, you must first go to Rabat, then go south to Casablanca and finally to Marrakech.-

What else do you need to know Before Your Marrakech Travel-Travel To Morocco Warnings?

  • There is no strict dress code in Morocco, so often foreign women don’t care what they wear and walk around the city in shorts and bareheaded. No one looks at them.
  • Tourists are not allowed to enter active mosques. Any attempt to enter or look inside will be strictly repressed.
  • If you want to take a picture of a Moroccan, it is best to do so with his permission – many people react a little badly.
  • Although in Marrakech, the locals are already used to the flow of tourists with a camera in their hand.
  • Even in winter, take sunscreen with you – the skin burns quickly.
  • Before using this service, check-in advance how much it will cost you. If they want to show you around the medina, offer you translation assistance or orange juice – always ask how much it costs. Many people impose their help on gullible tourists and take advantage of the fact that the person has not specified in advance the cost of the service or the meal taken.
  • During the cold season (November to April), several sets of clothes are required per day: it is quite warm during the day and you can wear a T-shirt, while at night you cannot do without a warm jacket.
  • It is important to know that local drivers and pedestrians are not exemplary when it comes to obeying traffic laws, so be extremely careful.
  • During Ramadan (the holy month of Muslims), it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol. This applies not only to representatives of the religion, but also to tourists staying in Morocco. Alcohol is not sold here at the moment.
  • Upon arrival, exchange your currency for the national currency, as local vendors do not accept any other currency.
  • One of the main problems in Marrakech are beggars. Under no circumstances should you give them money: if you do so once, a gang of beggars will chase you all over the city in the hope that you will give them more money.
  • In Morocco, it is customary to tip for almost all services. For example, in a marrakech restaurant you must leave at least 10% of the total amount of your check, guides or chambermaids receive 1 to 5 dirhams.

chefchaouen Morocco Activities And Best Things To Do

The small Moroccan town of chefchaouen, often referred to simply as Chaouen, is one of the most picturesque places in Morocco. Set in the magnificent landscape of the Rif Mountains, it boasts one of the country’s most charming medinas and is famous for the variety of shades of blue paint covering the walls.

Under the blue skies of Morocco, there is a blue-blue city, Chefchaouen. When you see it for the first time in photos, you think: Photoshop! It seems like a fairy tale. But it really exists no fraud, not even sleight of hand. Moreover, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco, just a hundred kilometers from both Tangier, connected to Europe by an hour-long ferry, and Ceuta, the Spanish enclave on the northern coast of Africa. You can come here for the weekend, which some Spaniards do.

Known as the “blue pearl” or “blue city” of Morocco, the buildings in Chefchaouen medina are painted with a talcum or chalk paint that looks so inviting.

The city is located among the gentle green slopes of the Rif Mountains, where the hot breath of the Sahara is replaced by a refreshing salty breeze of the Mediterranean. The Moors and Jews, exiled from Spain, settled here at the end of the 15th century and since then, it’s a different story: Chefchaouen looks more like Southern Europe than Africa – even Spanish is more common than French.

From the outside, the city looks like an enormous bird’s nest stuck to the side of a mountain. From afar, its blue seems unnatural, like sickly skin color.

pexels taryn elliott 3889785 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO
Chefchaouen – Blue City Morocco

It is so beautiful! And very, very blue :).

There are many things to do in Chefchaouen medina: walk the sky-blue streets, eat goat cheese, and smoke Moroccan chicha. It’s enough to be happy.exploring the maze of narrow blue streets smelling of spices, incense, flowers and fresh oranges was one of the highlights of my trip to Morocco. It was also a photographer’s dream!

Here are our tips and suggestions for fun things to do in Chefchaouen!

pexels gabriel garcia 2438056 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO




Why Is Chefchaouen Blue?

There are several beliefs as to why the city’s walls were painted blue. They include:

-To Follow Jewish Custom and Culture:

In the 1930s, a sizeable population of Jewish refugees arrived in Chefchaouen, fleeing Nazi persecution and the growing threat of war.In Jewish beliefs, the color blue represents the sky, peace, safety, and the power of heaven, which in turn reminds people of heaven and God. Therefore, there is a strong tradition in Jewish communities of dyeing things blue and using blue dye to dye fabrics, especially prayer rugs.

Some people believe that early Jews in Chefchaouen introduced the practice of painting walls blue, in keeping with their religious and cultural practices. Many locals say, however, that the blue-colored walls of Chefchaouen medina were only found in the Jewish part of the city, the mellah, until fairly recently. Older residents say that most of Chefchaouen’s buildings within the medina used to be white during their younger years.

pexels mark neal 3061496 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO



-To Keep Mosquitoes Away.
There are those who believe that shades of blue decorate city to help deter mosquitoes. While mosquitoes generally prefer to live near the waters, they don’t like being in the water itself. The colors of the Chaouen medina buildings can certainly look like running water. Perhaps residents noticed fewer mosquitoes in the Jewish part of town and decided to follow suit to rid their homes of the pesky bugs.

-To Keep Cool

Some Ancient inhabitants say that the blue color helps keep their homes cool in the warmer months. While this probably wasn’t the original intention, it serves as a valid reason as to why the painting continues in modern times.

pexels taryn elliott 4652063 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO



-Represent the Colour of Water

chaouen walls is daubed in all shades of blue to represent the color of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, according to some locals. Others, on the other hand, believe that the blues symbolize the importance of the city’s Ras el-Maa Waterfall where citizens get their drinking water. The essential life-sustaining water allows a community to thrive in an otherwise hostile environment in the arid mountains.


-To Attract Tourists

While it certainly would not have been the original reason for painting the Bleu city, attracting tourists is the main reason why the practice continues. The unusual color, after all, is the city’s main claim to fame. chefchaouen blue city f used to be an unremarkable spot on the trade route between Fez and Tangier. Now, however, it is quite a popular tourist destination.

Clearly, whatever the original reasons for painting the city, there are several advantages to continuing to pull out the brushes.

pexels taryn elliott 3889763 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO


Exploring The Morocco Blue City

a practical guide to Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl of Morocco.

pexels taryn elliott 4652131 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO



there are enough fun things to do in Chefchaouen that you shouldn’t miss out on your trip! I’ve created this complete Chefchaouen guide to help you plan out every detail of your time spent in this amazing pearl town, among other things the best things to do, the best places to stay, and where you can find a chefchaouen local market for a glass of wine or beer in an otherwise alcohol-free place.

The time you want to spend in Chefchaouen depends on what you want to do and see. we suggest 4 days  as we also went on a couple of hikes around the chaoen city. If you have a limited time in Morocco, just one day should be more enough to discover the ‘Morocco Blue Pearl’ as the old medina (Moroccan word for ‘city’) of Chefchaouen isn’t big as much.

thankfulness to social media platforms like Instagram Pinterest, chaouen has become a more and more popular destination due to its extremely photogenic nature. Once you travel to Chefchaouen, you will quickly see that it really is a photographer’s paradise.

pexels gabriel garcia 2438056 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO

 Best Things to do in Chefchaouen-chefchaouen morocco things to do

enjoy the best chefchaouen things to do in this article

Get Lost in the Chefchaouen Medina

pexels taryn elliott 3889764 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO

This sound a bit cliche, but the medina of chaouen is really the place to get posted :).
There are so many streets that make you literally lost. You will find many charming squares, gates, and dead ends, all very photogenic,It’s also a fun way to see how the resident living.
The streets of Chefchaouen are full of the cutest cats and kittens you have ever seen. Try to pick them up and hug them as much as possible, but it is best to avoid touching them because tourists have been reported to have been infected with rabies for many years. Admire them from a distance and take photos as you like!
However,  just be respectful to the resident people when it comes to taking pictures. not always like having pictures of them taken, especially when someone like children are around. Ask them first .

If you like to take some photos without any problem or having tons of people on them, you should hit the streets morning before 9 am.

randy tarampi Y05TMi8ZFHA unsplash 1 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO


kevin wenning Bmo0fMAhp5o unsplash 1 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO
Get Lost in the Chefchaouen Medina

VISIT THE SOUK (Chefchaouen Morocco Market)-Shop for Souvenirs

One of the great popular things to do in Chefchaouen is taking some time to browse the many colorful little shops(

If you appear to be in Chefchaouen on a Monday or a Thursday, you should visit the market “souk”, the Moroccan word for traditional market.). Shopping for souvenirs in Chefchaouen isn’t as cheap as you may expect but it’s a much more enjoyable experience than places like Marrakech, as you don’t get nearly as much hassle from the shop vendors.

chaouen is known for its beautiful traditional hand-made goods such as colorful rugs, local crafts, arts, clothes, and traditional souvenirs, jewelry, Moroccan lamps, caftans, woven baskets, and so much more. If you’re going to buy any souvenirs or gifts for friends in Morocco, you really can’t go wrong with getting them in chaouen market!

mohammed lak CBfUGtVP0QE unsplash 1 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO

Tips for shopping in Chefchaouen:

  • Always shop with cash(mad)Moroccan dirham, most stores don’t accept credit card payments.
  • Haggling is part of the shopping experience in Morocco. . Offer them about half of their asking price and then you
  • will go back and forth until you settle on an agreed price.
  • If you’re looking for something in particular, check out a few different shops before settling.

Kasbah Museum Chefchaouen-Best Chefchaouen Kasbah

This ethnographic museum is located in the center of the old medina, right near Plaza Uta el-Hammam, and is surrounded by a beautiful lush garden.15th century Kasbah, it’s right next to the Grand Mosque. Inside the Kasbah is a lovely courtyard with a beautiful garden as well as the Kasbah museum, which invites visitors to explore its unbelievable collection of artifacts that tell the story of the chaouen region.

The main highlight of visiting the old kasbah is to climb up the tower to admire the charming panoramic view of Chefchaouen’s rooftops and surrounding countryside.

Tickets: 60 dirham/$6 USD

Opening Times: 9am – 6:30pm daily


Enjoy the Panoramic Views from the Spanish Mosque

The Spanish Mosque was built in the 1920s but is no longer in use today. Watching the sunset from the mosque is the perfect way to finish off a long day of sightseeing.

The best place to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Chefchaouen is the Spanish Mosque. The mosque is located on a hill in the east of the city, a 45-minute walk away.

One of the most important things in Chefchaouen is to undoubtedly walk to the Spanish Mosque, which sits on top of a hill overlooking the town below. In the evening, when the perfect sunset glow illuminates the town, this is a particularly good thing!

robert brands lOJQkgd4IHQ unsplash scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO



If you are in the  Chefchaouen medina on a rainy day, it may be a good opportunity to visit one of the local bathhouses and experience a Moroccan traditional massage. There are some bathhouses in Chefchaouen with different price ranges.

use google maps to find the best one.

we can suggest Lina Riad and Spa:

one of the best things must do in Morocco is live in one riad-and another-traditional Morocco Bathhouse. go to Lina Riad and hot spring together. Located in the heart of the Medina, this riad has spacious and bright rooms overlooking the surrounding mountains and the bustling the Medina. The on-site spa is an oasis of tranquility, with an indoor heated swimming pool and a traditional Turkish bath with massage services. Ideal base for traveling in Chefchaouen.

things to do in chefchaouen at night-Place Outa El Hammam Chefchaouen

However, Uta El-Hammam Square in the heart of Chefchaouen’s medina is a great place to enjoy the night. On both sides of the square are restaurants and small cafes. You can breathe traditional Moroccan dishes or tea in the local atmosphere of the square.
Place Outa El Hammam Chefchaouen Morocco BLEU City (Plaza Uta el-Hammam) has a fusion of Arabian and Spanish influences. Overall, you can see it in street food and restaurants and another wonderful cuisine. It is an important center of the town, perfect for relaxing and admiring the majestic mountains overlooking the city, as well as people-watching in the town activity center.
robert brands lOJQkgd4IHQ unsplash scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO

Attractions Around CHEFCHAOUEN: Best hiking and day trips around Chaouen Medina

When you are in Chefchaouen, you have one or two days of free time. Not only should you admire the surrounding mountains from the streets, you can also hike or take a day trip to enjoy the beauty of the Rif Mountains. The best time to visite the Rif Mountains is from April to October, but if you can hade some cold or even snowy weather, you can hike all year long if you are well prepared.

Hiking in the Rif Mountains:Cascades d’Akchour And God’s Bridge

Except for the blue streets, the surrounding towns are full of natural scenery. It takes about 30 minutes by taxi from the city center to reach an attractive tourist trail. After a beautiful walk, visitors will enter an amazing waterfall. The azure waters are in keeping with the blue theme of the town. Visitors can take a dip in the rock pool or admire the majestic waterfall. When in the area, be sure to pay attention to the awesome Bridge of God, which is a rock arch across the river.

Enjoy Best of chefchaouen waterfall:  The Akchour Waterfalls and Gods Bridge are two very special places near Akchour, a small town located at a 45-minute drive from Chefchaouen cntre.

Akchour waterfall is probably the most beautiful waterfall  in Morocco. The Bridge of God is a very unique rock formation that looks like a stone arch standing on the Akchour river,Both places are placed near each other and can be visited within one day if you get there early enough.
The hike to the Great Falls takes about 2 hours in total, one way depends on how many stops you stop. The hiking itself is not very difficult, and the trails are easy to walk, so don’t worry about getting lost. The scenery along the way is beautiful, there are many smaller waterfalls and rock pools, very suitable for swimming here.
bachir bachchar pAr98rF8 2A unsplash scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO

Things to bring on your hike to Akchour Falls: 

  • Bring some cash with you, not only for the return trip back to city but so that you can buy food(
    breakfast or lunch depend on time)

    and drinks at the little stalls along the hike

  • Swimming suit and towel so that you can swim in the pools along the hike
  • Toilet paper
  • Comfortable walking shoes.

Hiking to Akchour Falls makes an excellent day trip from Chefchaouen for those who have limited time but still want to get some exercise in while surrounded by beautiful nature.

Great Mosque

The Great Mosque of Chefchaouen is very popular with travelers, which naturally makes the mosque an important part of Moroccan culture, which is not surprising. The call of prayer, which is called five times a day, produces beautiful echoes, creating a great atmosphere, and this charming building, which was built in the 15th century, is gorgeous. The mosque is one of the most important buildings in the town and is definitely a must-see attraction, although remember that only Muslims can enter.

Rooftop Restaurant Chefchaouen

after breakfast, You can enjoy traditional Moroccan tagine in the rooftop restaurant. Many top restaurants have beautiful views from their roof terraces. We tried some of these foods, the following are the ones we can recommend, they are based on delicious food, reasonable prices and of course epic scenery!

  • Aladdin Restaurant

After a full day of hiking or sightseeing, a delicious meal is a must more importantly, travelers can try some traditional Moroccan cuisine. Aladdin Restaurant is a good choice Listed as one of the top dining places in Chefchaouen, Aladdin is located in the center near the Kasbah on the Grand Place. The view overlooking Chefchaouen from its rooftop dining terrace is amazing because it is one of the tallest buildings in the area!. Guests can choose from a menu of international cuisine including Spanish omelets, but more importantly, from aperitifs to various tagines and couscous, A variety of Moroccan cuisine, and the prices are very affordable. The restaurant is commensurate with its name, has a romantic and charming feel, and truly complements the delicious cuisine.

lindsey lamont zOFWHSN3oTQ unsplash 1 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO



Ras el-Ma

Translated as the source of water, this is where the fresh mountain water trickled into the town and proved the gathering place for locals. These refreshing waterfalls can replace the remote and magnificent waterfalls of the mountains, not only to avoid the high temperature but also to better understand standard daily life. The locals gather here to wash clothes, just for a friendly cool moment.

pexels mark neal 3061496 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO

Best Chefchaouen Day Trips

If you don’t have enough time to spend a few days in Chefchaouen during your Morocco itinerary, then you may want to consider a day trip from Fes, Tangier or Rabat. There are many day trips to choose from, and the prices are all reasonable. Check out some of the most popular tours below.

  • Fes to Chefchaouen Day Trip – Includes pick up from accommodation in Fes, transportation, a fully guided tour, 4 hours of time spent in Chefchaouen. Find tickets and availability her.
  • Tangier to Chefchaouen Day Trip – Includes pick up from accommodation in Tangier, a fully guided tour, 4-5 hours to spend exploring Chefchaouen. Find tickets and availability in chefchaouen TripAdvisor.
  • Rabat to Chefchaouen Day Trip – Rabat is a bit further away from the other cities mentioned, I would recommend spending a few days in Chefchaouen if you’re travelling from Rabat. If you only have enough time for a day trip, this private tour is a great option.Find tickets and availability in chefchaouen TripAdvisor
  • Casablanca to chefchaouen day trip: Days Tour From Casablanca To Chefchaouen.  private excursions to Casablanca to explore the Rif mountains. excursions are available every day with pick up at the hotel. Discovery of the Rif Mountains Breathtaking views of Chefhcaoeun 4×4 guided tour Family trip day Minibus available




If you are traveling by car or want to reduce costs, you can always live in Camping Azilian, a camping site located on the top of the hill overlooking Chefchaouen. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the old medina. The campsite has toilets, cold showers, Wi-Fi and electricity, as well as a small shop and restaurant. There is also a hotel outside the camp: Click here for more info and prices.


Although Chefchaouen is a very popular destination, it is not expensive to spend the night in the old medina. There are many low-budget chefchaouen morocco hotels with dorm beds starting at $6 per person. If you plan to visit Chefchaouen in the summer, it is best to book in advance. It’s also good to check hotel reviews because many of them have bug problems…

Another hostel we also recommend is the Dar Bleu Pearl.


If you want a little bit of luxury, you can always book a room in one of the many mid-range chefchaouen hotels in old medina.

Prices vary from $20 to $40(200-400Dirham) per room per night. We recommend Dar Elrio, Hotel Sandra and Usha Guesthouse. Book early as they fill up quickly!


If you’re looking for a luxurious stay in Chefchaouen Medina, you should book a night at Casa La Palma or  La Petite Chefchaouen. are very beautiful luxury chefchaouen hotels but still affordable.

If you really want to indulge yourself, why not stay at the Lina Ryad & Spa!

search for chefchaouen morocco hotels in booking for more or contact us for help.


Chefchaouen is usually from Fes or Tangier or rabat or casablanca. because they are the closest cities. Since Chefchaouen is located in a mountainous area, there is no train line there and it can only be reached by road. Apart from renting a car and driving to Chefchaouen by yourself, there are two ways. The first is with Public Transport is to take a bus, which is very simple and generally comfortable. Another option is to book a private transfer service, which will cost more, but if you travel in a group, it may be worth it.

zakariae daoui giJBD5g9FWI unsplash 1 1 scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO


did you ask how to get to chefchaouen from or to any of imperial morocco cities””;;/,,

The only way to travel to and from chaouen by public transport is by bus or grand taxi. The latter can become very expensive, and I can honestly say that traveling by bus in Morocco is actually very comfortable, depending on the bus service you use.

I highly recommend you take a CTM busCTM is the most reliable bus company in Morocco.

Nejme Chamal is one of the best bus companies. Their buses are also quite comfortable but you can only buy your ticket at the bus station.

note:you cannot edit the ticket if the order confirmed


There are two bus stops in Tangier, and you can take a bus to Chefchaouen. One of them is the main city bus station “Gare Routiere” at Place al Jamia al Arabia (see the map below). Here, you can take the Nejme Chamal bus. Several buses depart from Tangier to Chefchaouen every day. The ticket price is 45 dirham and you must pay an additional 10 dirham for your luggage. The bus trip takes about 3 hours, but if you don’t have enough tickets, you may have to get off at some point and then take a taxi (no extra cost). People on the bus go directly to Chefchaouen.

The second bus station “CTM Gare Voyageurs” is not very convenient, but these buses go directly to Chefchaouen, and you can get extra comfort at the same price as the Nejma Chamal bus. There are several CTM buses from Tangier to Chefchaouen every day, and it takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes by bus. It costs 45 dirham per person and 5-10 dirham for luggage. You can book tickets online in advance.

note:you cannot edit the ticket if the order confirmed


There is a CTM bus from Casablanca to Chefchaouen at 13:30 every day. The bus ride takes about 6.5 hours (with restrooms and food breaks in between), and a ticket costs 160 dirham (plus 10 dirham for the suitcase).

You can catch this bus at the CTM bus station in Casablanca on Rue Léon (see map). As there’s only one bus a day, it’s better to reserve your ticket in advance at the bus station or book it online.

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There are about 4 CTM buses from Fez to Chefchaouen every day. The bus ride takes about 4 hours (restrooms and food are needed in the middle), and a ticket costs 75 dirham (your suitcase + 10 dirham). You can take this bus at the main CTM bus station in the new city of Fes. This bus station is about 6 kilometers away from the fes old medina, so you have to take a taxi to get there (any price between 10 and 20 dirham)

note:you cannot edit the ticket if the order confirmed

You can buy your ticket at the bus station or book it online.


If you want to leave from another city like marrakech to Chefchaouen, check the departure times with prices on the CTM. There’s no direct bus going from Marrakesh to Chefchaouen as there’s a huge distance between both should take a bus in tangier station bus or train.


There is only one bus station in city of Chefchaouen, which can go directly to other destinations (please see the map below). It is about 30 minutes’ walk from the old medina. You can walk there or take a taxi for 15 dirham.

 CTM buses as Nejme Chamal buses leaving at different times during the day. If you want to travel with CTM, you should buy your ticket in advance, whether at the bus station or online. you cannot edit the ticket if the order confirmed.

  • Chefchaouen to Tangier

From Chefchaouen to Tangier, several buses depart every day. The baggage fee for a ticket is approximately Dh45 + Dh5-10, and the journey takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

  • Chefchaouen to Casablanca

There is a bus from Chefchaouen to Casablanca every day in the morning at 7 o’clock. The baggage fee for a ticket is about 165 dirham + 5 to 10 dirham, and the journey takes about 5 hours. Since there is only one bus per day, you should book tickets at the bus station or online in advance.

  • Chefchaouen to Fes

There are several buses every day from Chefchaouen to Fes city . The cost of a ticket is about Dh75 + luggage plus an additional Dh5-10, and the travel time is about 6 hours

  • chefchaouen to Marrakech

Use the train would be much easier, faster, you can use the bus to Tangier then take the train from there to Marrakech.

Train info here (scroll down for the night train schedule)

Leaves Tangier 21:05 – arrive Marrakech 08:05

if you ask for chefchaouen airport? there’s no airport in chefchaouen. but you can use tangier airport or  Tetouan airport is the nearby to chefchaouen medina