chefchaouen Morocco Activities And Best Things To Do

The small Moroccan town of chefchaouen, often referred to simply as Chaouen, is one of the most picturesque places in Morocco. Set in the magnificent landscape of the Rif Mountains, it boasts one of the country’s most charming medinas and is famous for the variety of shades of blue paint covering the walls.

Under the blue skies of Morocco, there is a blue-blue city, Chefchaouen. When you see it for the first time in photos, you think: Photoshop! It seems like a fairy tale. But it really exists no fraud, not even sleight of hand. Moreover, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco, just a hundred kilometers from both Tangier, connected to Europe by an hour-long ferry, and Ceuta, the Spanish enclave on the northern coast of Africa. You can come here for the weekend, which some Spaniards do.

Known as the “blue pearl” or “blue city” of Morocco, the buildings in Chefchaouen medina are painted with a talcum or chalk paint that looks so inviting.

The city is located among the gentle green slopes of the Rif Mountains, where the hot breath of the Sahara is replaced by a refreshing salty breeze of the Mediterranean. The Moors and Jews, exiled from Spain, settled here at the end of the 15th century and since then, it’s a different story: Chefchaouen looks more like Southern Europe than Africa – even Spanish is more common than French.

From the outside, the city looks like an enormous bird’s nest stuck to the side of a mountain. From afar, its blue seems unnatural, like a sickly skin color.

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Chefchaouen – Blue City Morocco

It is so beautiful! And very, very blue :).

There are many things to do in Chefchaouen medina: walk the sky-blue streets, eat goat cheese, and smoke Moroccan chicha. It’s enough to be happy.exploring the maze of narrow blue streets smelling of spices, incense, flowers and fresh oranges was one of the highlights of my trip to Morocco. It was also a photographer’s dream!

Here are our tips and suggestions for fun things to do in Chefchaouen!

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Why Is Chefchaouen Blue?

There are several beliefs as to why the city’s walls were painted blue. They include:

-To Follow Jewish Custom and Culture:

In the 1930s, a sizeable population of Jewish refugees arrived in Chefchaouen, fleeing Nazi persecution and the growing threat of war.In Jewish beliefs, the color blue represents the sky, peace, safety, and the power of heaven, which in turn reminds people of heaven and God. Therefore, there is a strong tradition in Jewish communities of dyeing things blue and using blue dye to dye fabrics, especially prayer rugs.

Some people believe that early Jews in Chefchaouen introduced the practice of painting walls blue, in keeping with their religious and cultural practices. Many locals say, however, that the blue-colored walls of Chefchaouen medina were only found in the Jewish part of the city, the mellah, until fairly recently. Older residents say that most of Chefchaouen’s buildings within the medina used to be white during their younger years.

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-To Keep Mosquitoes Away.
There are those who believe that shades of blue decorate city to help deter mosquitoes. While mosquitoes generally prefer to live near the waters, they don’t like being in the water itself. The colors of the Chaouen medina buildings can certainly look like running water. Perhaps residents noticed fewer mosquitoes in the Jewish part of town and decided to follow suit to rid their homes of the pesky bugs.

-To Keep Cool

Some Ancient inhabitants say that the blue color helps keep their homes cool in the warmer months. While this probably wasn’t the original intention, it serves as a valid reason as to why the painting continues in modern times.

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-Represent the Colour of Water

chaouen walls is daubed in all shades of blue to represent the color of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, according to some locals. Others, on the other hand, believe that the blues symbolize the importance of the city’s Ras el-Maa Waterfall where citizens get their drinking water. The essential life-sustaining water allows a community to thrive in an otherwise hostile environment in the arid mountains.

-To Attract Tourists

While it certainly would not have been the original reason for painting the Bleu city, attracting tourists is the main reason why the practice continues. The unusual color, after all, is the city’s main claim to fame. chefchaouen blue city f used to be an unremarkable spot on the trade route between Fez and Tangier. Now, however, it is quite a popular tourist destination.

Clearly, whatever the original reasons for painting the city, there are several advantages to continuing to pull out the brushes.

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Exploring The Morocco Blue City

a practical guide to Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl of Morocco.

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there are enough fun things to do in Chefchaouen that you shouldn’t miss out on your trip! I’ve created this complete Chefchaouen guide to help you plan out every detail of your time spent in this amazing pearl town, among other things the best things to do, the best places to stay, and where you can find a chefchaouen local market for a glass of wine or beer in an otherwise alcohol-free place.

The time you want to spend in Chefchaouen depends on what you want to do and see. we suggest 4 days  as we also went on a couple of hikes around the chaoen city. If you have a limited time in Morocco, just one day should be more enough to discover the ‘Morocco Blue Pearl’ as the old medina (Moroccan word for ‘city’) of Chefchaouen isn’t big as much.

thankfulness to social media platforms like Instagram Pinterest, chaouen has become a more and more popular destination due to its extremely photogenic nature. Once you travel to Chefchaouen, you will quickly see that it really is a photographer’s paradise.

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 Best Things to do in Chefchaouen-chefchaouen morocco things to do

enjoy the best chefchaouen things to do in this article

Get Lost in the Chefchaouen Medina

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This sound a bit cliche, but the medina of chaouen is really the place to get posted :).
There are so many streets that make you literally lost. You will find many charming squares, gates, and dead ends, all very photogenic,It’s also a fun way to see how the resident living.
The streets of Chefchaouen are full of the cutest cats and kittens you have ever seen. Try to pick them up and hug them as much as possible, but it is best to avoid touching them because tourists have been reported to have been infected with rabies for many years. Admire them from a distance and take photos as you like!
However,  just be respectful to the resident people when it comes to taking pictures. not always like having pictures of them taken, especially when someone like children are around. Ask them first .

If you like to take some photos without any problem or having tons of people on them, you should hit the streets morning before 9 am.

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Get Lost in the Chefchaouen Medina

VISIT THE SOUK (Chefchaouen Morocco Market)-Shop for Souvenirs

One of the great popular things to do in Chefchaouen is taking some time to browse the many colorful little shops(

If you appear to be in Chefchaouen on a Monday or a Thursday, you should visit the market “souk”, the Moroccan word for traditional market.). Shopping for souvenirs in Chefchaouen isn’t as cheap as you may expect but it’s a much more enjoyable experience than places like Marrakech, as you don’t get nearly as much hassle from the shop vendors.

chaouen is known for its beautiful traditional hand-made goods such as colorful rugs, local crafts, arts, clothes, and traditional souvenirs, jewelry, Moroccan lamps, caftans, woven baskets, and so much more. If you’re going to buy any souvenirs or gifts for friends in Morocco, you really can’t go wrong with getting them in chaouen market!

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Tips for shopping in Chefchaouen:

  • Always shop with cash(mad)Moroccan dirham, most stores don’t accept credit card payments.
  • Haggling is part of the shopping experience in Morocco. . Offer them about half of their asking price and then you
  • will go back and forth until you settle on an agreed price.
  • If you’re looking for something in particular, check out a few different shops before settling.

Kasbah Museum Chefchaouen-Best Chefchaouen Kasbah

This ethnographic museum is located in the center of the old medina, right near Plaza Uta el-Hammam, and is surrounded by a beautiful lush garden.15th century Kasbah, it’s right next to the Grand Mosque. Inside the Kasbah is a lovely courtyard with a beautiful garden as well as the Kasbah museum, which invites visitors to explore its unbelievable collection of artifacts that tell the story of the chaouen region.

The main highlight of visiting the old kasbah is to climb up the tower to admire the charming panoramic view of Chefchaouen’s rooftops and surrounding countryside.

Tickets: 60 dirham/$6 USD

Opening Times: 9am – 6:30pm daily


Enjoy the Panoramic Views from the Spanish Mosque

The Spanish Mosque was built in the 1920s but is no longer in use today. Watching the sunset from the mosque is the perfect way to finish off a long day of sightseeing.

The best place to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Chefchaouen is the Spanish Mosque. The mosque is located on a hill in the east of the city, a 45-minute walk away.

One of the most important things in Chefchaouen is to undoubtedly walk to the Spanish Mosque, which sits on top of a hill overlooking the town below. In the evening, when the perfect sunset glow illuminates the town, this is a particularly good thing!

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If you are in the  Chefchaouen medina on a rainy day, it may be a good opportunity to visit one of the local bathhouses and experience a Moroccan traditional massage. There are some bathhouses in Chefchaouen with different price ranges.

use google maps to find the best one.

we can suggest Lina Riad and Spa:

one of the best things must do in Morocco is live in one riad-and another-traditional Morocco Bathhouse. go to Lina Riad and hot spring together. Located in the heart of the Medina, this riad has spacious and bright rooms overlooking the surrounding mountains and the bustling the Medina. The on-site spa is an oasis of tranquility, with an indoor heated swimming pool and a traditional Turkish bath with massage services. Ideal base for traveling in Chefchaouen.

things to do in chefchaouen at night-Place Outa El Hammam Chefchaouen

However, Uta El-Hammam Square in the heart of Chefchaouen’s medina is a great place to enjoy the night. On both sides of the square are restaurants and small cafes. You can breathe traditional Moroccan dishes or tea in the local atmosphere of the square.
Place Outa El Hammam Chefchaouen Morocco BLEU City (Plaza Uta el-Hammam) has a fusion of Arabian and Spanish influences. Overall, you can see it in street food and restaurants and another wonderful cuisine. It is an important center of the town, perfect for relaxing and admiring the majestic mountains overlooking the city, as well as people-watching in the town activity center.
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Attractions Around CHEFCHAOUEN: Best hiking and day trips around Chaouen Medina

When you are in Chefchaouen, you have one or two days of free time. Not only should you admire the surrounding mountains from the streets, you can also hike or take a day trip to enjoy the beauty of the Rif Mountains. The best time to visite the Rif Mountains is from April to October, but if you can hade some cold or even snowy weather, you can hike all year long if you are well prepared.

Hiking in the Rif Mountains:Cascades d’Akchour And God’s Bridge

Except for the blue streets, the surrounding towns are full of natural scenery. It takes about 30 minutes by taxi from the city center to reach an attractive tourist trail. After a beautiful walk, visitors will enter an amazing waterfall. The azure waters are in keeping with the blue theme of the town. Visitors can take a dip in the rock pool or admire the majestic waterfall. When in the area, be sure to pay attention to the awesome Bridge of God, which is a rock arch across the river.


Enjoy Best of chefchaouen waterfall:  The Akchour Waterfalls and Gods Bridge are two very special places near Akchour, a small town located at a 45-minute drive from Chefchaouen cntre.

Akchour waterfall is probably the most beautiful waterfall  in Morocco. The Bridge of God is a very unique rock formation that looks like a stone arch standing on the Akchour river,Both places are placed near each other and can be visited within one day if you get there early enough.
The hike to the Great Falls takes about 2 hours in total, one way depends on how many stops you stop. The hiking itself is not very difficult, and the trails are easy to walk, so don’t worry about getting lost. The scenery along the way is beautiful, there are many smaller waterfalls and rock pools, very suitable for swimming here.
bachir bachchar pAr98rF8 2A unsplash scaled - The Blue Pearl Of Morocco|Chefchaouen Morocco Things To DO

Things to bring on your hike to Akchour Falls: 

  • Bring some cash with you, not only for the return trip back to city but so that you can buy food(
    breakfast or lunch depend on time)

    and drinks at the little stalls along the hike

  • Swimming suit and towel so that you can swim in the pools along the hike
  • Toilet paper
  • Comfortable walking shoes.

Hiking to Akchour Falls makes an excellent day trip from Chefchaouen for those who have limited time but still want to get some exercise in while surrounded by beautiful nature.

Great Mosque

The Great Mosque of Chefchaouen is very popular with travelers, which naturally makes the mosque an important part of Moroccan culture, which is not surprising. The call of prayer, which is called five times a day, produces beautiful echoes, creating a great atmosphere, and this charming building, which was built in the 15th century, is gorgeous. The mosque is one of the most important buildings in the town and is definitely a must-see attraction, although remember that only Muslims can enter.

Rooftop Restaurant Chefchaouen

after breakfast, You can enjoy traditional Moroccan tagine in the rooftop restaurant. Many top restaurants have beautiful views from their roof terraces. We tried some of these foods, the following are the ones we can recommend, they are based on delicious food, reasonable prices and of course epic scenery!

  • Aladdin Restaurant

After a full day of hiking or sightseeing, a delicious meal is a must more importantly, travelers can try some traditional Moroccan cuisine. Aladdin Restaurant is a good choice Listed as one of the top dining places in Chefchaouen, Aladdin is located in the center near the Kasbah on the Grand Place. The view overlooking Chefchaouen from its rooftop dining terrace is amazing because it is one of the tallest buildings in the area!. Guests can choose from a menu of international cuisine including Spanish omelets, but more importantly, from aperitifs to various tagines and couscous, A variety of Moroccan cuisine, and the prices are very affordable. The restaurant is commensurate with its name, has a romantic and charming feel, and truly complements the delicious cuisine.

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Ras el-Ma

Translated as the source of water, this is where the fresh mountain water trickled into the town and proved the gathering place for locals. These refreshing waterfalls can replace the remote and magnificent waterfalls of the mountains, not only to avoid the high temperature but also to better understand standard daily life. The locals gather here to wash clothes, just for a friendly cool moment.

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Best Chefchaouen Day Trips

If you don’t have enough time to spend a few days in Chefchaouen during your Morocco itinerary, then you may want to consider a day trip from Fes, Tangier or Rabat. There are many day trips to choose from, and the prices are all reasonable. Check out some of the most popular tours below.

  • Fes to Chefchaouen Day Trip – Includes pick up from accommodation in Fes, transportation, a fully guided tour, 4 hours of time spent in Chefchaouen. Find tickets and availability her.
  • Tangier to Chefchaouen Day Trip – Includes pick up from accommodation in Tangier, a fully guided tour, 4-5 hours to spend exploring Chefchaouen. Find tickets and availability in chefchaouen TripAdvisor.
  • Rabat to Chefchaouen Day Trip – Rabat is a bit further away from the other cities mentioned, I would recommend spending a few days in Chefchaouen if you’re travelling from Rabat. If you only have enough time for a day trip, this private tour is a great option.Find tickets and availability in chefchaouen TripAdvisor
  • Casablanca to chefchaouen day trip: Days Tour From Casablanca To Chefchaouen.  private excursions to Casablanca to explore the Rif mountains. excursions are available every day with pick up at the hotel. Discovery of the Rif Mountains Breathtaking views of Chefhcaoeun 4×4 guided tour Family trip day Minibus available



 If you are traveling by car or want to reduce costs, you can always live in Camping Azilian, a camping site located on the top of the hill overlooking Chefchaouen. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the old medina. The campsite has toilets, cold showers, Wi-Fi and electricity, as well as a small shop and restaurant. There is also a hotel outside the camp: Click here for more info and prices.


Although Chefchaouen is a very popular destination, it is not expensive to spend the night in the old medina. There are many low-budget chefchaouen morocco hotels with dorm beds starting at $6 per person. If you plan to visit Chefchaouen in the summer, it is best to book in advance. It’s also good to check hotel reviews because many of them have bug problems…

Another hostel we also recommend is the Dar Bleu Pearl.


If you want a little bit of luxury, you can always book a room in one of the many mid-range chefchaouen hotels in old medina.

Prices vary from $20 to $40(200-400Dirham) per room per night. We recommend Dar Elrio, Hotel Sandra and Usha Guesthouse. Book early as they fill up quickly!


If you’re looking for a luxurious stay in Chefchaouen Medina, you should book a night at Casa La Palma or  La Petite Chefchaouen. are very beautiful luxury chefchaouen hotels but still affordable.

If you really want to indulge yourself, why not stay at the Lina Ryad & Spa!

search for chefchaouen morocco hotels in booking for more or contact us for help.


Chefchaouen is usually from Fes or Tangier or rabat or casablanca. because they are the closest cities. Since Chefchaouen is located in a mountainous area, there is no train line there and it can only be reached by road. Apart from renting a car and driving to Chefchaouen by yourself, there are two ways. The first is with Public Transport is to take a bus, which is very simple and generally comfortable. Another option is to book a private transfer service, which will cost more, but if you travel in a group, it may be worth it.

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did you ask how to get to chefchaouen from or to any of imperial morocco cities””;;/,,

The only way to travel to and from chaouen by public transport is by bus or grand taxi. The latter can become very expensive, and I can honestly say that traveling by bus in Morocco is actually very comfortable, depending on the bus service you use.

I highly recommend you take a CTM busCTM is the most reliable bus company in Morocco.

Nejme Chamal is one of the best bus companies. Their buses are also quite comfortable but you can only buy your ticket at the bus station.

note:you cannot edit the ticket if the order confirmed


There are two bus stops in Tangier, and you can take a bus to Chefchaouen. One of them is the main city bus station “Gare Routiere” at Place al Jamia al Arabia (see the map below). Here, you can take the Nejme Chamal bus. Several buses depart from Tangier to Chefchaouen every day. The ticket price is 45 dirham and you must pay an additional 10 dirham for your luggage. The bus trip takes about 3 hours, but if you don’t have enough tickets, you may have to get off at some point and then take a taxi (no extra cost). People on the bus go directly to Chefchaouen.

The second bus station “CTM Gare Voyageurs” is not very convenient, but these buses go directly to Chefchaouen, and you can get extra comfort at the same price as the Nejma Chamal bus. There are several CTM buses from Tangier to Chefchaouen every day, and it takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes by bus. It costs 45 dirham per person and 5-10 dirham for luggage. You can book tickets online in advance.

note:you cannot edit the ticket if the order confirmed


There is a CTM bus from Casablanca to Chefchaouen at 13:30 every day. The bus ride takes about 6.5 hours (with restrooms and food breaks in between), and a ticket costs 160 dirham (plus 10 dirham for the suitcase).

You can catch this bus at the CTM bus station in Casablanca on Rue Léon (see map). As there’s only one bus a day, it’s better to reserve your ticket in advance at the bus station or book it online.

note:you cannot edit the ticket if the order confirmed


There are about 4 CTM buses from Fez to Chefchaouen every day. The bus ride takes about 4 hours (restrooms and food are needed in the middle), and a ticket costs 75 dirham (your suitcase + 10 dirham). You can take this bus at the main CTM bus station in the new city of Fes. This bus station is about 6 kilometers away from the fes old medina, so you have to take a taxi to get there (any price between 10 and 20 dirham)

note:you cannot edit the ticket if the order confirmed

You can buy your ticket at the bus station or book it online.


If you want to leave from another city like marrakech to Chefchaouen, check the departure times with prices on the CTM. There’s no direct bus going from Marrakesh to Chefchaouen as there’s a huge distance between both should take a bus in tangier station bus or train.


There is only one bus station in city of Chefchaouen, which can go directly to other destinations (please see the map below). It is about 30 minutes’ walk from the old medina. You can walk there or take a taxi for 15 dirham.

 CTM buses as Nejme Chamal buses leaving at different times during the day. If you want to travel with CTM, you should buy your ticket in advance, whether at the bus station or online. you cannot edit the ticket if the order confirmed.

  • Chefchaouen to Tangier

From Chefchaouen to Tangier, several buses depart every day. The baggage fee for a ticket is approximately Dh45 + Dh5-10, and the journey takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

  • Chefchaouen to Casablanca

There is a bus from Chefchaouen to Casablanca every day in the morning at 7 o’clock. The baggage fee for a ticket is about 165 dirham + 5 to 10 dirham, and the journey takes about 5 hours. Since there is only one bus per day, you should book tickets at the bus station or online in advance.

  • Chefchaouen to Fes

There are several buses every day from Chefchaouen to Fes city . The cost of a ticket is about Dh75 + luggage plus an additional Dh5-10, and the travel time is about 6 hours

  • chefchaouen to Marrakech

Use the train would be much easier, faster, you can use the bus to Tangier then take the train from there to Marrakech.

Train info here (scroll down for the night train schedule)

Leaves Tangier 21:05 – arrive Marrakech 08:05

if you ask for chefchaouen airport? there’s no airport in chefchaouen. but you can use tangier airport or  Tetouan airport is the nearby to chefchaouen medina

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      A visit to the Moroccan Sahara desert is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. It is a journey well worth the effort and you will have fond memories to last you forever.
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      Erg Chebbi

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      Erg Chegaga

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      ☞ camel trek Marrakech







      morocco desert tours from Marrakech 

             1 300x225 - marrakech desert tour things to do

      Marrakech desert tours : You just arrived in Morocco and surprise that desert trip in Morocco is that the best option? If you’ll be able to relate to the present question, this text can contain some useful data for you. As before long as we tend to arrive in Marrakech city, we tend to ask ourselves an equivalent question. A Marrakech desert trips to Zagora or Merzouga? 2 days or 3 and what precisely maybe a stone desert? to form positive that you just have the simplest doable desert trip in Morocco, we tend to write this text.

      Bright stars throughout phase change nights and a warming tea on a ridge when a chilly night during a tent. Riding camels through the sand and witness a sunset with sand the sole factor close you. we tend to were additionally needing to expertise all that.

      As before long as we tend to start researching we tend to chanced on a gazillion tour operators that each one offered similar journeys and have become unsure. currently – when our trip – we all know way more than before. Actually, we tend to don’t seem to be the most important fans to share all the small print with our expensive readers, as a touch of uncertainty ought to be a part of the journey. during this case, however, it is smart to share a lot of data as you ought to verify wherever you wish to travel to – Zagora or Merzouga?

      Desert Trip to Zagora

      2 300x200 - marrakech desert tour things to do

      Marrakech Sahara desert tours to Zagora

      When you are short on time, folks and tour operators can advocate a Marrakech desert tour to Zagora, as it’s accomplishable as a 2 day, one night trip. Zagora may be a town situated at the start of the desert, 220 miles southeast from city. to urge there you would like to pass the high Atlas that makes it a seven to eight-hour curvy drive. For North American country in person, everything however relaxed!

      On the manner there, drivers can stop multiple times to eat, rest and revel in the unbelievable views on mountains with snowcaps.

      The desert in Zagora isn’t the desert you would possibly expect with Brobdingnagian dunes and sand as so much because the eye will see. It’s an excellent spot to urge a sense on however “real” desert may feel however locals decision it “small desert” for a reason.

      Desert Trip to Merzouga

      3 300x200 - marrakech desert tour things to do

      marrakech desert tour  to merzouga

      Merzouga is found 350 miles east from the city and a town within the desert. The 9 to ten-hour drive is split in 2 days with Associate in Nursing long stay the manner. That’s why it takes sooner or later longer than a visit to Zagora, creating it a three-day trip.

      The town, some miles off the Algerian border is understood for its high dunes and sand as so much as you’ll be able to see.

      Desert Trip to the Scarabeo Camp

      4 - marrakech desert tour things to do

      The Scarabeo Camp is found within the Agafay desert, actually appearance fancy and got famed through Instagram. the corporate that organizes tours looks to own a robust “Instagram Influencer” strategy. assuming to say, Instagrammers with an enormous audience get invited for gratis to shoot here and tell their followership regarding their time.

      The Scarabeo Camp isn’t situated during a “real” afters however during a stone desert on the brink of the city, thus really laborious to check with Merzouga and Zagora. we tend to additionally think of a visit to Scarabeo, however, when we tend to saw some a lot of footage, we tend to we tend tore happy that we didn’t create our thanks to the stone desert. we tend to wished to witness real dunes and nomads living within the desert, learning regarding their culture and minimalist life.

      Just to provide a sense for the distances, here a map with the 3 mentioned locations.

      Marrakech Desert tour journeys – the choices

      When strolling through the maze of streets in the city you see several operators that provide journeys to either of the higher than. the costs on the streets ar regarding an equivalent and don’t massively disagree from one another and ar relatively low-cost. we tend to paid 50€ per person for our 2 days trip to Zagora, as well as transportation and also the accommodation within the desert. A comparable trip to Merzouga would price about 75€ per person.

      All these operators are, honestly speaking, terribly popular and create their cash with massive teams that each one remains in one camp. We, for instance, stayed during a camp with a bit over thirty folks. a lot of on our expertise intimately later.

      Camels in Morocco

      5 300x225 - marrakech desert tour things to do

      camel ride marrakech

      When researching our desert trip in Morocco and asking friends and our followers on Instagram on tips, we tend to get even a lot of choices.

      These counseled tours are considerably dearer with roughly 200-400€ per person. In our booking method, we tend to compare these tours with the tour operators we tend to talk to on the streets, which actually was wrong. These journeys don’t seem to be resembling a gaggle trip to at least one of the higher than, however presumably are once-in-a-lifetime expertise.

      The approach these tours have is totally completely different. First, they’re non-public, giving less popular expertise. Thus, these operators have to be compelled to earn cash with

      Our trip – additional on our expertise
      We solely had one week in Morocco and because of that were a small amount short on time. we tend to thought plenty and researched several choices. In the end, we tend to determined in favor of 1 of the cheaper suppliers that we tend to got suggested by a lover, WHO had a good time a handful of years back.

      First off, the foremost important: it had been the incorrect call. Why? I gotta explain!

      Our trip to Zagora – Day one
      Our day trips from Marrakech started before of restaurant France (a well-known restaurant within the heart of the urban center, well-known due to its roof-top view). Here we tend to found our driver and also the automobile. Jumped within the automobile and commenced the trip with dynamical a tire at a corner search on the brink of our start line.

      We started driving and approached the mountain chain. The views became more and more lovely. components of the streets weren’t solely curvy however conjointly solely gravel roads. That diode to slow progress on our means and a second pneumatic tire of the day. The mood was sensible, therefore no drawback. Some folks visited to assist and that we quickly modified tires.

      We lapsed the mountains, stopped AN exceedingly in a very little city for lunch and continued driving an hour or 2 and stopped once more reason for pneumatic tire variety 3. The mood solely being mediocre, as we tend to got distressed not creating it till sunset to the desert.

      Zagora Desert Trip
      Our driver had to arrange a replacement tire, that didn’t appear simple and shortly he became nervous still and spoke with a louder voice on the phone. With the “new” tire we tend to began to approach the last forty kilometers and stopped when five-kilometer once more. pneumatic tyre variety four! the nice mood was gone just like the tires on our damn car!

      Then we tend to arrive! Sunset already virtually over, we tend to get our camels and commenced trotting and it became dark among the primary minutes on the rear of our new companions.

      Once we tend to arrive, we tend to say that several others waited for North American countries within the camp already. Dinner was served shortly, later on, we tend to chat with travelers from totally different components of the globe and weekday around the fire. The day actually wasn’t one amongst my favorites however it terminated with unbelievable views on stars with none lightweight pollution.

      Stars in Morocco
      Our trip to the desert – Day two
      A state change night came to Associate in Nursing finish and that we got a straightforward breakfast and explored the close sand dune. the colors within the early morning were lovely. The camels conjointly looked as if it would relish the primary warming sunbeams of the day.

      Desert trip in Morocco
      Then, the keep was already over and we tend to head back to urban center with four new tires around eight am! On the means back we stopped here and also there and explored the traditional town Aït-Ben-Haddou wherever Game of Thrones and the Gladiator was recorded. Morocco is gorgeous, that’s for sure!

      Landscape Morocco
      Around nightfall, we tend to arrive back in Marrakech!

      Note: To add things up, the corporate on the far side Travel is that the worst ever! Don’t ever book through them. The tires were fully (!) gone and it had been not solely very annoying however conjointly unbelievably dangerous to drive 450 miles (700 km) in 2 days with a tired driver. Your desert trip in Morocco ought to be relaxed, authentic Associate in Nursingd expertise you don’t need to forget. control the corporate to make certain.

      Your desert trip in Morocco – Zagora or Merzouga? Our suggestion!
      If you scan till here, you’ll recognize that we’ve got been to Zagora. For that trip, we decide a hostel within the heart that worked alongside on the far side Travel (don’t try this same mistake as we tend to do).

      Our recommendation is that the following: If you would like to expertise the desert, set up with 3 days and take some time. Otherwise, the trip is trying and not the nice journey it ought to and will be.

      Sunrise Morocco Desert
      An unpaid recommendation we will provide is that the following 3 operators of costlier tours. we tend to did none of them however talked with all 3 and that we honestly assume that the philosophy these 3 guys share is really nice.

      The Morocco Nomads tour goes past Hafid. we tend to spoke to him and he appeared a pleasant guy. we tend to get this recommendation from one amongst our Instagram followers. once change of integrity him, you’ll witness however nomads board the desert. actually a good trip! Here, you’ll check up on his web site and here his Instagram profile.
      While researching we tend to conjointly stumble upon Day Morocco Tours. once chatting with the operator he created a good impression and told North American country additional concerning his philosophy. He already warned North American country before our trip that the expertise won’t be the simplest however conjointly same that he can’t contend with the costs because of the actual fact that his journeys ar personal tours. actually suggested as well!
      Before our trip, we tend to follow 2 German guys cinematography a documentary in Morocco. They enjoyed time within the desert still and suggested Ali to North American country. He told North American countries to require time and don’t rush to the desert as this can sacrifice the expertise. we must always have higher listened! simply write to him on Instagram.
      Reach resolute one amongll these guys if you would like to expertise the desert in a distinctive means however be able to pay over on the streets in these popular tours.

      Also, rather save a small amount more cash reception and invest it sagely in one amongst the advised different tours.

      These tours, as on top of mentioned have a completely totally different approach. They don’t aim for transfer several tourists from A to B however they need to point out however nomads board the desert. Nothing is “just engineered for tourists” however you become a neighborhood of it which ought to be the goal of a visit like that.

      We regret that we tend to didn’t assume that way before our trip however currently we all know and positively can do it in the future. Even higher for you, currently, a minimum of you know! 🙂 relish your desert trip in Morocco!


      Best Marrakech Desert Tours

      6 300x225 - marrakech desert tour things to do

      Planning a visit to Morocco? sensible for you, there’s such a lot beauty to examine assist you to decide what to try to to, I even have narrowed down the choices. this article is my choice of the most effective day visits from city together with the city desert tours, mountains and ocean excursions. All you would like to get the foremost stunning landscapes within the country!

      Best Day visits from city, Morocco
      Morocco Map of the most effective day visits from Morocco (and multiday trips)
      I have designated eight small print of interest to hide on day tours from city. Below may be a map of Morocco to assist you to perceive a small amount higher wherever the most highlights of the various visits square measure placed. Of course, owing to time constraints, all the choices designated square measure within the region of city. The tours to the sand dunes, square measure long.

      Note that each one tour needs quite a ton of your time spent in cars or buses. however, the views can keep you occupied 🙂

      About my choice of the most effective city day tours
      As you’ll see I even have designated a small amount of everything: Desert dunes at the beginning of the desert, mountains and oasis excursions as well as on a daily basis trip to Essaouira on the coast.

      we begin with the necessary desert tours from the city. Those are literally two-day visits. And it’s worthwhile. i actually enjoyed defrayal the night underneath the celebrities within the desert
      or you will come in the Atlas Mountains and see some valleys: Dades, Ourika…
      One of my favorite web site in Morocco was Ait mount Haddou, a United Nations agency Heritage web site. it’s sort of a large Sand Castle
      Or you will head to the coast and see the charming village of Essaouira.
      In the following section, you’ll learn additional concerning every tour.

      Marrakech Desert Tours to Sahara
      About the Morocco desert tours
      First here, we have a tendency to square measure talking concerning the desert with the noted Sand dunes, not a flat rocky desert wherever there’s nothing (which you’ll see too in Morocco).

      The unhealthy news is that the desert starts on the brink of the jap border of Morocco. And it needs to travel through the Atlas Mountains to achieve it. so it can not be exhausted at some point. city desert tours square measure a minimum of two days.
      But the great news is that owing to that, you may get to pay the night within the desert. And it’s fantastic!!!
      And it means throughout the drive, you may stop at different wonderful locations.
      Note: folks with intense back issues shouldn’t do such a tour. 1h on a artiodactyl mammal is de facto laborious on the rear.

      marrakech to fes desert tour

      Marrakech Sahara Tour
      How to opt for your city Desert Trip within the Sahara
      So the way to opt for your tour?
      Well, most tours square measure very similar. therefore you decide on one with sensible reviews. There don’t seem to be several choices to enter the desert therefore all tour programs tend to be similar:

      You cross the Atlas Mountains
      You hit the Guesthouses right at the beginning of the desert
      You mount up an artiodactyl mammal and go towards the camp whereas the sun is setting (1 to two hours) – it’s quite spectacular to examine however camels go into the sand! however, i have to admit it’s not very snug.
      You get pleasure from an incredible meal with the locals – food is de facto tasty and locals square measure happy to talk. generally, some can play music once the meal.
      You sleep underneath the celebrities – their square measure tents (shared tents), however, you’ll get your pad outside. My favorite half is the silence or simply the sound of the wind on the sand dunes.
      You rouse early to get pleasure from sunrise on high of a sand dune
      You return on the artiodactyl mammal
      You reach the house and savor a hearty breakfast.
      And it’s a similar program at the two main entrances to the Sahara: work unit Chebbi (Merzouga) or work unit Chegaga (Zagora)

      Marrakech desert tour choices
      I went through reviews and designated the most effective choices I even have found on GetYourGuide and Viator.
      I do advocate to travel to work unit Chebbi instead of work unit Chegaga, as a result of you actually sleep deep within the sand dunes. but for those that have restricted time, I enclosed the two expeditions to work unit Chegaga which is already excellent expertise.

      Because the drive is incredibly long (11h atomic number 87om city to Merzouga fr example), you get to get pleasure from different sights on the manner.

      What to pack for a desert tour from Marrakech?

      For your desert tour I recommend:

      Long and lightweight hiking pants for the artiodactyl mammal ride – you would like to be snug. i do not advocate jeans.
      Long sleeve shirt to shield from the sun
      Something heat for the night
      Sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun and also the sand
      A scarf or one thing to shield your head from the sand. wherever there’s wind, it will be harsh on the skin. I in person use the Buff actinic ray band on all my visits. I even have two to hide neck and head once required. and it protects from the actinic ray.
      Closed shoes
      An overnight case. you may leave your bags at the house.
      All your image equipment!
      Water bottle

      Atlas Mountains Day visits from the city together with Ourika depression
      Not far from city are the Atlas Mountains. the very best peak is Toubkal at 4167m (13671ft). THe lower part of the mountains square measure pink rocks with trees whereas the upper part is blank and brown.

      It is home to some stunning valleys together with the Ourika depression, wherever folks from city prefer to escape on hot summer days. the most effective time to go to certain Spring once almond and gay trees square measure blooming however it’s stunning all year long.

      This is a tour that takes you on a drive part of the Atlas Mountains. It goes 1st to the Ourika depression wherever you may get pleasure from a 1h30 hike to stunning waterfalls, with nice views of the realm. you may additionally visit different valleys. On this tour you’ll learn tons concerning ancient activities like extracting Argan, Almond trees and different farming activities. And you may be able to admire the gorgeous snowy summits of the high Atlas Mountains.

      Unesco Ait ben Haddou from city Day Tours
      Ait ben  Haddou
      One of my favorite sites in Morocco in Ait Benhaddou. If you are taking a multiday tour to the desert, ordinarily a stop there’s enclosed. however, if you’re not about to the dunes, you’ll still get pleasure from a city day tour to Ait ben Haddou.
      This large fortification may be a United Nations agency Heritage web site (you will cross-check its registration data here). It accustomed air the caravan route between Sudan and city. Some buildings go back from the seventeenth century.
      It will please many varieties of travelers because:

      It is of history and branch of knowledge interest
      The landscapes close it square measure colorful and stunning; And you’ll climb to the tower at high for the most effective views.
      It looks sort of a large sandcastle 🙂
      Scenes from the flicks patrician of Persia and Gladiator are
      There square measure two nice expedition choice from the city about to Ait ben Haddou

      Coastal expedition from city to Essaouira
      If you’re trying to find a whole modification of scenery and wish to examine a touch little bit of water, opt for a one-day excursion from city to Essaouira. you’ll check up on Lucy’s recommendations for at some point during this town.

      Its original name was Mogador, however, the present one means that “the very little rampart”, since a part of the town it still swallowed inside fortification walls.
      It is an enthralling fishing village, which will give you a touch a little bit of cool air coming back from the ocean.

      Ouzoud Waterfalls excursion from the city
      The most noted falls in Morocco square measure the Ouzoud Waterfalls. placed 150km Northeast of the city, they plunge a powerful a hundred and ten meters (360ft) down the cliffs. and that they square measure within the middle of the desert! it’s quite a spectacular sight!
      Monkeys have established their home here, and you’ll additionally get pleasure from a swim within the refreshing water.

      Other nice [*fr1] day city excursions and activities
      You don’t need to go far-flung to additionally expertise the Moroccan culture. Below may be a choice of activities and shorter excursions that square measure price your thought.

      Tagine cookery category city

      7 - marrakech desert tour things to do

      Marrakech desert trips

      Hummmmm the delicious food. Learn to cook a delicious tagine before tasting it. it’s accessible to any or all. i do not cook reception in the slightest degree and was able to prepare the dish. therefore don’t fret and luxuriate in the sight, smell and style.

      Another nice choice for those that do not mind awakening early. get pleasure from the silence of the rock desert shortly from the city. The views square measure spectacular, especially with the floating sensation of hot air flight. i actually enjoyed it.

      About the city artiodactyl mammal Rides
      Marrakech artiodactyl mammal ride
      A classic is to travel on an artiodactyl mammal ride within the palm trees right outside of city.
      I don’t advocate it. At the place I saw, the camels didn’t look that well, compared to the camels I saw within the desert.

      They wait here all day to hold tourists on their backs.

      Except for the fun of being on an artiodactyl mammal, there’s no fascinating read to get pleasure from whereas on those rides.

      Marrakech desert tours

      Transfer aerodrome to the city heart
      If you do not wish the effort of finding your manner from the aerodrome to the town center, book a transfer ride earlier. you’re paying a touch bit additional, however, you have got peace of mind that your arrival can go swimmingly.

      Transfer aerodrome to the city heart
      If you do not wish the effort of finding your manner from the aerodrome to the town center, book a transfer ride earlier. you’re paying a touch bit additional, however, you have got peace of mind that your arrival can go swimmingly.

      Where to remain in the city

      8 300x229 - marrakech desert tour things to do

      Marrakech Accommodation choices

      You have an outsized selection of accommodations in city.
      And everything is definitely accessed walking or via a brief taxi ride.

      You have your classic hotels and hostels, except for one thing additional authentic, you ought to think about staying in an exceeding riad.

      Where to remain in Marrakech?

      Your main call is to make a decision if you wish to remain within the Medina or outside within the urban area.
      If you keep within the Medina, you may be on the brink of everything however encircled by the holidaymaker.
      If you keep outside, you’ll see a small amount additional of the everyday Moroccan town life however you may have a walk additional to achieve the most sights.

      accommodation city
      Marrakech Riad and Hotels suggestions

      BEST RATED – Les Nuits DE city may be a colorful ANd charming riad solely 1-minute walk from Jamaâ El Fna – I even have ne’er seen an accommodation with such a high rating (and several reviews)

      LUXURY – the edifice Royal Mansour city is simply 5-minute walk from the noted Djemaa El Fna sq.. once a protracted day looking get pleasure from a drive within the pool and ind eating choices

      GREAT worth FOR cash – Riad Alnadine is found within the heart – ancient riad, white room and nice hospitality for an honest value

      HOSTEL – the casbah Red Castel, features a nice location and an incredible ambiance

      or check up on the most effective user-Rated Accommodations in the city