Night Desert Camp Merzouga

Camel Trek 1 Night In Desert Camp:

This Night Desert Camp Merzouga starts in the evening; we arrange for a camel ride to spend the night in the desert from a hotel near the sand dunes, and the camels will be loaded with food, blankets, and other necessities.

The trek will begin with a 1:30 minute walk into the desert, where we’ll spend the night in an equipped camp with drums music in the middle of the Sahara. This is frequently an excellent opportunity to capture beautiful images of the sunset and sunrise. Once at the camp, we’ll walk to the high dunes to witness the sunset; it’ll be a magical night illuminated by the extreme glow of the stars and moon.

We’ll spend the night in a nomad tent and have a delectable meal over a campfire.

We’ll ride camels back to Merzouga in the morning, where you’ll be served breakfast and have the option of showering at the hotel.

Nights In Desert Camp Pack Includes:

  • A hotel room where you may store your things and wash Nomad tents (Desert camp)
  • Dinner and breakfast are complimentary.
  • Per person, one camel (for 1h30 min)
  • Water in a bottle

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